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How to make new friends in new country or in new place

31st December 2023 | 4 Views

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We feel   #lonely in new #countries / new #places. Its difficult to get right contacts. Its difficult to get #friends in new places. In new countries its even more difficult.  Is there a way to get out of this #loneliness and make #friends in new place? Yes, there are lots of ways you can meet new people and make new friends. Here are some of the proven ways.

  1. Get yourself registered in a local #language school
    • Knowing the local language is very helpful in any country / place. Make efforts to learn the local language. You dont need to perfect the language. Knowing basic things in a local language can be very helpful to strike small talks in any place. 
    • When you go for local language classes you have many other classmates who are in similar situation – new to the country / place and trying to learn the local language to make most out of it. This way you can easily meet many new people and you can practice the language lessons with them or go for after class drinks and socialize and make new friends.
    • You are familiar with local language but you are new to the place? Joining local language classes may not make sense. But you may want to learn some other foreign language? Or you can use your language skills and help others to practice the language like tandem programs. 
  2. Register in local #clubs based on your interest
    • There are number of clubs for various activities. From hiking to bird watching. You can register in some of them which are interesting for you and make some new friends.
  3. Join the #meetups based on your area of interest 
    • There are meetup sessions for various technical / non technical topics. Its similar to the clubs but mostly free and comes with no strings attached. You can look for interesting meetup sessions and join some of them to meet new people. 
  4. Call for after work #drinks 
    • If you are in a new place for work join some of the after work sessions / parties. If you are not invited to any of them call for an after work drink and invite colleagues. In most of the cases the colleagues turn into good friends – irrespective of the country!
  5. Lookout for weekend #trips
    • If you are interested in traveling / exploring new places then join the organized tours / weekend trips. This way you get to meet like minded people. 
  6. Don’t hesitate to initiate a #conversation
    • Remember – the other person might be thinking the same – he / she might expect you to initiate the conversation. If you also expect him/her to initiate the conversation then no one is going to talk! So just feel free to say hallo and introduce and try to make some small talks – in train journeys / flights / coffee shops / etc.

It sounds difficult at the beginning to meet new people and make new friends. But once you make the effort to meet people things will automatically happen. So be ready to make the first step. Then you wont be alone in any new country / place. You will be #happy person with many friends to share things with. 

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