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Without You

Kels KelnezLast Seen: Jan 23, 2024 @ 3:31pm 15JanUTC
Kels Kelnez

30th December 2023 | 8 Views
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I miss you every single day, every moment without you feels like forever
The mornings are now longer, now I don’t look forward for a new day
The room is dark, your presence brought all the light
With you not here the darkness found me, and I can’t seem to let it go
Perhaps it can fill the void and numbness in me.
The coldness is different too, not just my skin but heart too
I yearn for the warmth, just even a little a bit, cause everything is cold and blur without you.

Today I smiled, but later felt like l was betraying you
It’s been hard to laugh, the jokes ain’t funny, nothing seems to amuse me
I can’t bring myself to find peace, because you were my peace
They say l should at least eat, but how can I?  my foodmate isn’t here
I’m losing appetite slowly by slowly, cause how do l begin to eat, you were my chef, you gave me the appetite
They say I should go out more, re-arrange even the house perhaps
But how could l walk out, l feel lost within the throng of people
Your were my companion, your steps guided me
Without you here, I can’t even find my feet.

I tried again to arrange your stuff
There is a little fantasy in my head, that maybe you might pop up
They said maybe l needed time, to adjust
But I didn’t need time to adjust, all l wanted was you back
Does miracles work? Oh I believed so

Months  passed, then years came , I tried to find myself again without you
I tried to focus, put myself  into work just not to think about you, even tried a few relations
It worked for sometime, then it all came crushing down
The wound opened, the loss became real, the hurt started, I wasn’t yet ready to let go
They said how can someone love this much? But how could they know
It was hard to explain, the bond, the moments, the conversations, the time…It was all priceless
Because without you ,I  lost a piece of myself too.


Kels KelnezLast Seen: Jan 23, 2024 @ 3:31pm 15JanUTC

Kels Kelnez


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