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Modern love poem

Dayalan NaiduLast Seen: Jan 27, 2024 @ 7:16pm 19JanUTC
Dayalan Naidu

30th December 2023 | 5 Views
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In the digital age, our paths are connected, .
Our love story, the story of pixels and screens.
We no longer exchange letters or notes,
But emojis and texts fuel our dreams.

In the realm of social media and tweets, .
We find each other, by virtual chance.
A swipe to the right, a match made in cyberspace, .
And that’s when we started our dance.

Your profile picture, sweet smile,
Your comments are full of humor and sweetness.
We shared our jokes through memes and GIFs, .
Our relationship sparked, our souls warmed.

A night of endless conversation, .
Our message is like a wordplay.
Stories of fear and wild desire.
Our hearts grew in this digital realm.

Behind the scenes, however, we longed for more,
The desire to bridge the digital divide.
We set a date, the interview itself, .
To see if our relationship still holds up.

As I walk towards you, now the muscles snap, .
I saw your face, perfectly aligned with the screen.
For a moment the world seems to be disappearing,
Unseen love saves us both.

After that, we separated our worlds, .
The technology only worked as a small part.
Because love knows no boundaries, knows no double standards, .
Each thrives deep down in the heart.

So here we stand hand in hand, .
Our modern day love story, far from simple.
In a world of constant filtering and innovation, .
Our love really shines, special.

So raise a glass to love in the digital age,
Where hearts can meet and find true happiness.
Love doesn’t matter if it’s a platform or a page, .
It is a power that knows no limits, unfettered.

Dayalan NaiduLast Seen: Jan 27, 2024 @ 7:16pm 19JanUTC

Dayalan Naidu



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