Why does my heart ache


3rd July 2024 | 4 Views

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Is it my ribs
Is it my throat
I think I understand now
You have a special place in my heart

You’re sad and it makes me sad

You cry and it rains upon my face
Your eyes puff up from the restless nights and my heart palpitates from the early rise on the 3 hour sleep.

Your mind wonders through the calendar trying to find what day you find yourself in.
I open the clock guide thinking the ticking sound appears too often and sometimes too rare.

I look for comfort, as I see you sleep on rocks.

I hear the sound of hunger but no food on your plate. If only my body could wish to eat like yours.

I notice how the echo of your voice slowly fades. You stay saddened and unable to reach out so, I send you my rope but it gets tangled on the way.

The corner of your eye never finds it. Do you have hope?

My hair gives up one by one and chooses to find a place of happiness, a better place, it seems the floor everyone walks all over is a happier place. 

we aren’t the same but I see you in my reflection. You’ve taken parts of me or should I say I’ve taken from you? What’s happened? 

How can I be your doctor when I can’t diagnose myself? Please tell me your pain as it can’t be worse than the effects it’s given you. 

I never knew how sensitive I can be, I guess you really do a have a special place in my heart. 

Is this why my heart aches?

Anonymous Person



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