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Alas. Her ex is now standing in front of her, in the middle of the hallway.

Yes. Do you need something from me?”

she answered trying to remain composed despite her heart beating so fast and her stomach being overtaken by butterflies, yes, with an S. He smirked and answered.

As expected. Date me.”

Her jaw dropped along with many students walking down the hallway. It’s as if time had stopped for everyone around the two of them ’cause why not? Isaac Robles is one of the hottest man in their campus, not to mention, a player, a heartbreaker. And no one knows that they are exes.

Expecting me to say yes from your random question, Isaac?”

she asked with a bit of sarcasm trying to hold back the excitement in her heart.


She looked around and most of the girls arched their eyebrows upon what she just said.

“Nope. That is why, I’ll court you”

He’s got her.


Here we go again from this stupid game, Isaac.

As if another person had overtaken her, she formed a smile and slowly lift her hands to caressed Isaac’s  handsome face.

She crossed the distance between the two of them and it is now her time to make him froze when she whispered in his ears.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Every single student here is saying that you are the only one that I can’t date, I want to prove them wrong”

What an insult.

All the excitement that she’s feeling earlier suddenly turned into anger.

“Oh. I see. Interesting”

she looked at everyone around them and smiled before looking at Isaac again and she answered.

“Sure, I’ll date you.”

He froze.

Probably not expecting her to say what she just said.

She’ll have her revenge, this time. It’s her win.

He seems confused, he brushed his palm around his own face and said

“Did you just say yes despite—“

“Yeah, why? Should we just have our break-up already since you’re so shock?”

“Okay, let me breath, you jus—“

He wasn’t able to finish his sentence when Jenny walked out from him.

“Okay, JEN?”

He shouted but she simply ignored him, he ran towards her and held her shoulders.

“Get your hands off me.”

she whispered with a smile on her face since every single student is still looking at them as if they are characters from soap operas.

“Oh, whoa!”

he held them up as if surrendering and answered.

You just said that we’re dating, why are you being so mean?”

he muttered, giving her a puzzled look.

That’s the expression that I longed to see, Isaac.

“Oh. I believe, I now have the right to do as I please. Right? For the record, you ONLY want to prove them wrong so I helped you in there, I didn’t say, I’ll date you for real. So, please get out of my way ’cause I still have a class”

His eyes widened that made her excitement and happiness grew longer.

That’s right, Isaac.

Play with the girl you once hurted and bear the embarrassment that she’ll cause you with your “one wrong move”

“No, I am not gonna move from this spot not until—“

He wasn’t able to finish his sentence again, Jenny just walked passed him.

“No. Don’t move from there. Or I’ll tell everyone that I am not actually dating you. So, just don’t bother me, okay?”

she whispered before she actually left while Isaac was left pissed off.

What a savage woman.

“Did she just dumped you?”

Gabe asked with his face in confusion.

“Dumped? Everyone heard Jenny saying that she’ll date Isaac, r-right?”

followed by Randy who receive a gaze from his bestfriend while Gabe only laughed and he explained in behalf of his friend.

“So much sarcasm is oozing in her voice. I’ve known Jenny when you dated her, Isaac. And you just took a wrong move of asking her out in public, you just took her bait.”

“What do you mean in there, Gabe?”

“Were you always this slow, Randy? Isaac just lost.”


He looked at Isaac and his face is gloomy enough for him to say anything, anymore.

“Okay? Don’t give us your gloom, dude. Come on now, Randy. Let the guy figure his way out of her poison. I guess, karma is still right at the corner, see you, bro!”

Gabe muttered while smirking at Isaac who obviously want to punch his face.

He was rejected.

And that hurt his pride.

“Sooooo, what’s the catch, girl?”

Sandra asked her bestfriend the moment she sat on her designated seat.

“Nothing, Sandra”

she answered coldly while starting to look for her notebook.

“Wow. You just caused a scene at the hallway earlier and nothing?”

she stopped for a second and she looked at her friend with a bit of confusion.

“Wait. You came in here first so how exactly do you know what had happened?”

Sandra rolled her eyes.

“Duh. We are talking about Isaac here, have you forgotten that even his simpliest sneeze could make it to our publication’s front page?”

Jenny shook her head as she take her notebook and tablet out to check her messengers notification.

In a month, she will be leaving this place.

That’s one reason why she isn’t so afraid to play with the man who once broke her heart.

“Don’t just ignore me and tell me in detail what had happened, Jenny. I am dying from curiosity in here”

“Deal with it—Oh. Mrs. Salpa won’t be here today, I’m off now, Sandra.”

She muttered without stopping as she fixed her bag.

“Stop right there. Jen, are you seriously dating that arrogant guy, again?”

Jenny took a deep sigh and she smiled at her bestfriend.

“I’m afraid, yes”

“Have you gone mad? He broke your—“

she gestured her to stop and with an annoyed look, asked.

“Wanna have some frappe?”

“No. I want—“

she clicked her tongue that made her stopped from talking.

“Would you like some frappe, Sandra?”

And that question brought chills unto Sandra’s spine, she was about to answer when someone interrupted their conversation

“I would love some, how about we go out and make today our first date?”

they both look at the owner of the voice and Isaac is standing at the front of their classroom’s door.


All of her classmates who won’t even bother looking at her now have their eyes on Isaac and her.


she simply answered that made Isaac froze in his feet again.

She would normally say no and walked out on him.

But this time, she’ll give the guy a week.

A week to follow her around and she’ll be gone.

“Hi there, Sandra. Care to join us?”

Sandra rolled her eyes and she took a few steps towards her bestfriends boyfriend and without hesitation she whispered.

“Thanks but no thanks, Isaac. You can just take your sweet time with my girl and we’ll talk later. I still haven’t forgotten how you broke her heart into a million pieces”

“Dear, Sandra. She agreed with our set-up right now”

“Tss. That’s because she will be leav—“

“Are we leaving or you guys will be talking? Pick one.”

Jenny boredly asked that made Isaac and Sandra throw a gaze upon each other before parting their ways.

Isaac held her girlfriend’s shoulder’s and she didn’t say anything.

Now, he’s confused.

What the hell is she trying to do?

“We’ll take the cafe near my place so I can rest right after we had a talk”

Jenny stated breaking the cold silence that’s been lingering in his car since they left their campus.

“How can you be so cold, Jenny? Are we strangers?”

“No, we’re not. I’ve known you from head to toe, Love”

she answered using their term of endearment when they used to be together and she’s right, his face is now being eaten by confusion.

“Okay, let’s talk right now.”

He stopped the car and she looked at Jenny with so much seriousness in his face.

“What are you trying to do, Jen?”

She smiled.

“Nothing. I am just giving you favor”

“Why would you do that?”

“Didn’t you ask me to save you?”

“When did I do that?”

“The moment you asked me out”

He’s cornered.

Loss for words.

She is now different from the woman that he once loved.

“What happened to you?”

He asked with teary-eyes.

“I’ve changed, probably”

“But, why?”

“Don’t ask me, Isaac. You know perfectly, why”

He brushed his palm around his face and the rude face of his suddenly soften as he held Jenny’s hands.

Suddenly, tears started flowing from his cheeks.

“I’m sorry, okay? I broke up with you because you deserve so much better. You deserve a guy who can make you happy and that man isn’t me”

Is this a joke now?

His voice isn’t filled of sarcasm but with so much sincerity.

She’s melting.

Her heart is breaking seeing how Isaac is crying in front of her now.

But NO.

She can’t give in.

Not just yet.

“How immature, Isaac”

Tears started rolling on his cheeks while he is staring at her.

She’s the one who is getting confused now.

Her pair of hands automatically moved to cupped Isaac’s face.

He is still not saying anything.

He held her hand instead.

And he kissed her hands that’s holding his face with so much tears running from his face.

He was about to say something when a woman suddenly knock their window.

He took a deep breath as he wiped his tears and rolled down the window the moment later.


“I’m sorry, but you’re kind of blocking the way and you’re causing a bit of a traffic”

the woman explained as she point her fingers to all the cars being jammed behind us.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I just had a bit of an issue. We’ll get going then. Sorry”

Isaac answered as the woman smiled and left the two of them.

He started his engine and in just a few minutes, they are both being eaten by silence.

And no one wants to break the wall that’s built between them.

“We’re here.”

Isaac announced as Jenny didn’t move an inch from her seat.

She smirked at the man she used to love, not giving him a single glance, instead her gaze is fixed from the empty and dark street of her subdivision.

She took a deep sigh before opening the car’s window and stepping out.

She’s now in front of her place when Isaac suddenly hugged her from behind.

“Jen, this unlike you”

She didn’t move an inch.

Her heart is crumbling down.

Her eyes is starting to be filled with tears, one more word and it would roll.

“I’m sorry.”

She’s damned.

She just wanna look at his face right now and just hug him back.

Just like the old days.

“I had to leave you. I had to break up with you. Do you remember what you told me on our first date?”

Her eyebrow arched trying to remember what he is asking of her.


she asked in her trembling voice as she can also taste now her tears that’s flooding through her face.

“Don’t let anyone, any single soul that we are dating ’cause we’re doomed if they found out. You said that, Jen. You know what I was thinking at that time? That you probably doesn’t want to ruin your perfect image by dating a guy who is known as a player, as a heartbreaker”

She totally lose.

She can now feel her heart being squeezed and millions of needles were piercing through her every veins.

“And that day that I broke up with you? I didn’t know if you knew but there were a lot of people talking about us, there were some people starting rumors that we are dating and I had to protect you. I had to leave so you won’t lose who you—-“

“Stop it”

she cutted him in between her sobs.

She took off his hands in her waist and she faced him.

She bit her lips as she wiped her tears and she looked at Isaac’s eyes that’s filled with pain.

She thought she is the one who is hurting the most.


It turns out that she hurted him the most.

“When I said that, I didn’t mean it that way, Isaac. Who I am doesn’t have to do with us dating, I just thought you wouldn’t want it. Girls have been chasing you back and forth and I don’t want to be the girlfriend who would cling unto you 24/7 just to be hated? I prefer to have our relationship in private.”

“You could have told me that instead”

“Why did you ask me out in public earlier?”

“So you could reject me and I just thought of what we’ll happen as a win-win situation, I’ll be the bad guy and you’re the cool one for embarassing me in front of everyone”

“Oh. Is that so?”

“But, I guess you knew me. You really do. I’m sorry”

She smiled.

She wiped Isaac’s tears and mouthed

“I love you”

He smiled and excitement filled his heart. He hugged her tight and answered.

“I love you, so much. So much that what happened between us, hurts”

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