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2. The Hurricane.

KRITI GUPTALast Seen: Dec 28, 2023 @ 3:57pm 15DecUTC

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I was at the mela. I had bought many things for myself at a very less price. I was delighted. The weather was about to change. I was heading towards my home walking very fast using footpath. I saw a man coming in bike. He stopped and was looking at me smiling. I thought he must be someone from my in laws side. I might not be knowing him properly. I smiled back and moved further towards my destination. One Second and I heard him calling Anu. I was startled, who is he? In no seconds I recognized he was my father’s friend” Jhaji Uncle”. I touched his feet. I was about to say something.


He asked: How are you Beta. What are you doing here? Weather is about to change reach home fast. We had gone to this XYZ temple with my wife and son. It’s a very religious place. You must go there.


I was about to ask him for tea at my place. Suddenly I could feel myself flying in the sky likes waves in the ocean. Up and down moving with water waves so high. It was fun. I held my bags very tightly so that nothing should fall. How foolish I was. There is no guarantee whether I will remain alive or die in this water coaster but still I am worried about unmaterialistic things which are not at all worth if I die.

 This is maya. We are trapped in unnecessary things of maya and forget God the Almighty. Krishna says, one who forgets me, the God and thinks that the world is the only truth is always engrossed in it, he is entrapped in Maya.


Despite living in the materialistic world, if we think that we are children of God and firmly believe that God is holding our hands tightly throughout our life then along with enjoying the euphoria of God, we can live our life to the fullest.


This dreamy hurricane changed my perspective towards my life. In life whatever happens or about to happen has already been decided by God based on our previous deeds. So just chill and keep doing the good work.

KRITI GUPTALast Seen: Dec 28, 2023 @ 3:57pm 15DecUTC



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