Hostinger Review 2022 Best Cloud & Shared Hosting For Websites

Hostinger Review 2024: Best Cloud/Shared Hosting For Websites

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Hostinger is one of the best budget options for starting or scaling a website. Here’s our review of Hostinger Shared and Cloud hosting. Hostinger is a decent option for low-cost shared hosting and ideal for cloud hosting.

We’d be analyzing Hostinger based on price, features, performance, customer support, ease of use, beginner friendliness, etc. Unlike other reviews, our review would involve an independent review of Hostinger Cloud Hosting. In case you are confused, do check out our comparison between Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Review 2024

Hostinger provides robust, cost-effective shared hosting for users. Their WordPress hosting is one of the ideal hostings for standard web hosting and WordPress hosting. While Hostinger has long been a relatively low-quality hosting service, my experience was different. Hostinger has improved a lot in recent times. In fact, it is performing better than many hosting providers with positive reviews, including Siteground. Learn more about why Siteground Sucks!

Besides, Hostinger provides free migrations to save inexperienced website owners a lot of money. Hostinger’s dashboard is one of the best UI in any shared hosting service. Apart from Siteground, we never found something so effortless yet influential in usage terms. Our Hostinger review would be incomplete without talking about performance. They use powerful LiteSpeed servers that, in collaboration with some easy-to-use WordPress plugins, provide 90+ scores on GPSI and GT Metrix.


  • Built-in tools to optimize the website for E-commerce
  • Supports daily backups to keep your site protected
  • Free SSL certificate to improve security and SEO
  • 1-click WordPress installation allows quick installation 
  • With 100 GB storage for the base plans, it provides ample server resources for all users.
Unlimited monthly traffic on all websitesNo Free domain is available with plans
100 Free accounts for professional usage 
Advanced knowledge base to gain in-depth knowledge of WordPress and Web Hosting 

Key Specs

  • Price: Good. Cheaper options are available, but the highest value for the money
  • Features: Moderate, No fancy features, very straightforward 
  • Performance: Good, One of the best performances among similarly priced websites
  • Customer Support: Excellent, Very quick to respond, knowledgeable customer support with fast issue resolution
  • Ease Of Use/Beginner Friendly: Very Good, clean dashboards and easy-to-find tools make it an excellent choice for novices.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Review

Hostinger is by far one of the best cloud hosting options for cloud hosting. Hostinger Cloud Hosting is an excellent alternative for someone looking for more than shared hosting but can’t afford proper VPS hosting. In our review, we were amazed by the quality of server resources provided by Hostinger. They provide multi-core CPUs and high-performance server-grade SSDs that ensure faster code processing in the backend. 

An easy-to-use interface lets you monitor and manage server resource usage. Dedicated server resources include 2 to 12 GB RAM, 2 to 6 CPU Cores, Free Domain, and more. We loved the fast server response time with multiple global data centers. When looking for a server upgrade, people choose the premium plans of Siteground and Bluehost Shared Hosting. But we think this might be an equally priced yet significantly more powerful.


  • Provides free domain and a dedicated IP Address
  • Built-in cache manager automates machine and maximizes performance
  • Integration with Cloudflare CDN ensures much better performance and security
  • In our experience, we never experienced any downtime.
  • In case of a server attack or discovery of malicious files, Hostinger automatically neutralized it and informed us via mail
Quickly boost server resources for free in case of a sudden traffic spikeLacks support for Node.js and many other independent server features
Unlimited bandwidth ensures your server remains unaffected by the activities of other sites 
Scale up or scale down your hosting based on your needs. 

Key Specs

  • Price: Very Good, Most cost-effective, and powerful cloud hosting
  • Features: Moderate, Misses out on features for advanced use cases; in our experience, it lacks a decent code editor.
  • Performance: Excellent, far higher performance than similarly priced shared/cloud hosting services.
  • Customer Support: Excellent, Fast response times, 24/7 customer support.
  • Ease Of Use/Beginner Friendly: Very Good, clean dashboards and easy-to-find tools make it an excellent choice for novices.


Is Hostinger Good For E-commerce?

Yes, with advanced E-commerce optimization tools, Hostinger can manage and optimize websites for e-commerce. With built-in support for WordPress, Hostinger is good for e-commerce stores.


Is Hostinger Good For WordPress?

Yes, Hostinger is a good choice for WordPress. Its features include a proper plugin, cache manager, one-click installation, automated updates, a built-in WordPress staging tool, and more. If you did not like Hostinger, then do check our collection of 8 best cloud hosting for websites


SaaS ReviewsLast Seen: Feb 16, 2024 @ 3:31pm 15FebUTC

Aditya's SaaS Reviews


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