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Auckland: Harbor Bridge Calling

16th October 2023 | 53 Views

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Our quest for quality travelogues brought us to the distinct land of Australian continent. We were in Auckland a city of New Zealand respected world wide.
Even before landing the first sight of the city told us that it had a lot to offer to all kinds of people and it did never disappoint us. Thought the Airport wasn’t as big as you would expect as people for Auckland prefer personal transport than public transport which is a problem for tourism and likewise travel mainly from car rather than air.
Its main highlight is it being separated by isthmus a piece of land separated by water from 2 larger lands. There are two harbors in the Auckland urban area surrounding this isthmus: Waitemata Harbor to the north, which opens east to the Hauraki Gulf and thence to the Pacific Ocean, and Manukau Harbor to the south, which opens west to the Tasman Sea. It is a standard to go to those harbor at least once during your visit and we did the same. The  harbors in our opinion were as great as country and itself. You should also definitely visit Auckland Harbor bridge about which we’d talk later
Like us anyone could guess with it that the area would have lot of water resources. Auckland also has a total length of approximately 21,000 kilometers of rivers and streams. Which indeed is enormous. These much water resources not available in many countries but here they were available for just a city.
The main source of income in Auckland is trade and tourism the 2 harbors of Auckland attract lots of ships in the region and they together act as main harbor for trade in whole region. Though tourism flourished in the area. You would never fell tourism to be secondary source of income unless someone tells you
The climate of the region as told by others was oceanic but we or more precisely i found it to be more sub tropical.
Queen Street is the major commercial center. It’s New Zealand’s main population center. It starts at Queens Wharf on the Auckland waterfront, adjacent to the Britomart Transport Center and the Downtown Ferry Terminal, and runs increasingly more steeply uphill for almost three kilometers in a mostly straight south-southwesterly direction towards the Karangahape Road ridge, and the residential suburbs in the interior of the Auckland isthmus. A lot of tourists can be spotted there.
If you are a History lover then definitely visit the Auckland war memorial. That place would excite you. I personally not being a history lover didn’t find it much interesting.
The next destination was something which all love. The sky tower of Auckland. This tower gives you 360 view of whole city and whole city looks beautiful at night. 60 stories high it is a sight for bungee jumping too but we to save time skipped it. We enjoyed having dinner at revolving restaurant of sky tower and you should be sorry if you don’t have food  in the restaurant. I believe dinner time would be best for being over their
The next was Auckland Harbor bridge which was mentioned earlier also. We had a drive on the bridge and each of us was equally mesmerized by the view of skyline. The bridge and the waters around were equally beautiful. It also gives opportunity for bungee jumping and this time we did not miss it. And it for me required a little courage but after gathering courage all left was fun and the amazing experience. We would recommend you that unlike us don’t miss either of bungee jumping
Rainbows end was the next destination and as the name suggests it was something like a dream and yes it was each kid’s dream. A amusement park with lots of roller coaster and activities and fun packed events throughout the year
At last it was time to go back but no one did wish to leave this place so taking the memories of place we went back and i started writing this articles which just comes to an end now just one thing left that is
What’s good: The place its climate its beauty its uniqueness were ample to tell what’s good about the place and the best were the harbors. We also enjoyed our dinner at the beautiful sky tower and the 360 scene we could see over their
What’s not so good: the place had very less activities to do there was much to look but not that much to do it wasn’t a boring place but still it could have more activities. We could only find Rainbow’s end and bungee jumping at harbor bridge exciting
What’s bad: we won’t say it ‘bad’ but was more of a problem and it was the transportation system over their. The place has less public transport systems and airport wasn’t up to mark their were no places to do shopping in the region

Team Milyin


Akarshit Mahajan



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