A little love is all


16th October 2023 | 20 Views

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He won’t ever question, but still manages to answer.
He who gets the unsaid thoughts you fail to say. Who forgives after multiple mistakes.                       Who never gets slothful listening to your pain because he never allows pain without purpose….

A love like no other feels real.                                   God it is, who listens when you don’t say. Understands when you are baffled.                       Feels when you are hollow and loves, always.

Pray even if you have a whisper left,                             I think we ask God to speak to us and wait for a loud, booming voice to speak. And if you keep waiting for that then you will miss all the little things he is saying to you.

Don’t miss him in the quiet, looking for him in the loud.

Mehak Kukreja
Mehak Kukreja



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