The Forgotten Concept

The Forgotten Concept – Finding Your Own Happiness!

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When I was a kid, I remember having a conversation with my grandmother. It all started as I sat alone in the corner of a room, observing my cousins happily playing. She came to me and asked what had happened, and I, in my childlike innocence, began explaining how everything and everyone in life seemed unfair. I expressed my dissatisfaction with life, parents, cousins, and so on.


She listened patiently to every word I said and then asked, “So you mean to say that every single person has disappointed you, right?” She further questioned, “Have you ever considered how many people have been disappointed by you? Did you ever consider others’ feelings and emotions?”


I confidently asserted that I had never disappointed anyone and never would in the future. She asked me to think again and answer. My response remained the same. Then she asked if my cousins had invited me to join their game. I admitted that they had.


She questioned, “Were they sad when you chose not to join them?” Reluctantly, I replied, “Yes, maybe a little.” It was then that she shared golden words that have been my guide through thick and thin ever since. She said, “Happiness is not something that somebody will come and wrap in a piece of paper and give to you. It is something that you create together with others; you create it with those around you.”


It took me a few years to fully understand the depth of her wisdom. Let me explain this with an example: when facing financial difficulties, what do we typically do? We blame our parents, inflation, spouses, bosses, and even fate. This approach fills us with hate, negative energy, and a loss of motivation.


However, my grandmother’s wisdom teaches us to change our perspective. Instead of blaming others, find happiness in small things throughout the day. Will changing your perspective help you?



Yes, it will!

Now consider the struggles you have been facing and make an effort to find joy in even the tiniest moments of each day. Find pursuits and things that bring you calm, even if only momentarily.

You want to work hard for your family because you want to show them how much you care and to give them affection.

It provides you the fortitude to handle trying circumstances and the complete support of your loved ones. This will inspire you to think creatively and come up with fresh solutions to the problem.

The happiness you would have missed while overly preoccupied with critiquing everything and everyone will be your least loss even if you are unable to overcome your financial struggles. You will gain a better understanding of things and learn how to eat, work, and sleep in peace. Determining your own happiness does not imply that all of your issues will magically disappear and that you will live a happily ever after. That is not going to occur. It basically entails improving your surroundings for both you and your loved ones so that you may concentrate on things that are nearby that can provide you even a small amount of happiness and appreciate it more.

Hope you will follow my advice at the time of despair. Till then take care.

SuharLast Seen: Apr 1, 2024 @ 6:46am 6AprUTC




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