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Best Live Streaming Platforms for all Creators

16th April 2024 | 31 Views

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Live streaming is one of the most loved ways for content creators to connect with their audience and promote the brand.

The ability to connect with your fans in real-time works for every niche. So whether you are an online tutor, fitness instructor, musician, or someone who wants to have a conversation with their fans in real-time, live streaming is for you.

Popular Live Streaming Platforms

Let’s now get to know the best live-streaming sites that are well-known for their features, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to retain viewers.

#1 GUDSHO – Enterprise-grade Live Streaming Platform

Best for: Digital Webinars, Virtual Live Events, Live Concerts, Corporate Events,

GUDSHO, among the top Live streaming platforms, brings audiences from worldwide to join you during live streaming. They utilize Akamai CDN, which provides lag-free and smooth streaming every time. Monetization for live streams is another amazing feature that increases your earning potential.


  • Advanced scheduling option.

  • Countdown feature to remind users about the upcoming streams

  • Local and international audiences with multiple currencies

  • Multiple revenue models such as Subscription, Pay-Per-View, Donations, and more

  • Business-friendly Video CMS

  • Convert Live to VOD


  • Multistream to several platforms

  • Increased earnings with multiple monetizations

  • Live streaming monetization

  • Host Pay-Per-View Live Events

#2 VPlayed – Live Streaming With Branding Options

VPlayed brings live streaming features for content creators and brands that want to increase brand loyalty by connecting with their audience in real time. The platform provides advanced white-label features that let creators customize their videos and have a lasting impression on the viewers.


  • Multiple revenue streams enable maximum earnings

  • CDN connects fast and provides buffer-free streaming

  • Scalability lets businesses use any amount of resources

  • Real-time video analytics for live streaming

  • CMS lets you schedule videos and keeps reminding your audience


  • 5+ Earning methods

  • Adaptive bitrate for fast streaming

  • Multiscreen support

  • 4k video quality

  • Closed captioning

#3 OnTheFly – Livestream On Multiple Platforms At Once

OnTheFly is a modern live streaming platform that lets you simulcast video content to multiple social channels at the same time. With OnTheFly, you can drive millions of viewers to your streams with personalization features and real-time chat.


  • Video streams can be recorded and saved to watch later.

  • The multistream feature lets creators stream on various platforms simultaneously.

  • Video editing feature for branding purposes.

  • Invite guests to enable only specific users to join the stream.

  • Add brand logos to your streams.


  • Easy to use

  • Real-time comments

  • Multistream

  • HD resolution

  • Moderation

#4 Restream – Live Stream On 30+ Platforms Simultaneously

Restream is one of the most notable live video streaming services as it lets the creators stream on multiple platforms using a single venue. You can stream your content on all social media platforms if they accept RTMP streaming.


  • Multiple platforms live streaming.

  • Web video streaming.

  • Upload pre-recorded videos for streaming.

  • Live shopping integration.

  • Schedule streaming in advance.

  • Customizable logos and graphics.


  • Low buffer videos

  • Easy to operate

  • Time-saving due to multi-platform streaming

  • 30+ platform integrations

  • Basic features are free to use

#5 Vimeo – Professional And High-Capacity Live Streaming Platform

Vimeo, known among the biggest streaming platforms, has been providing live streaming since 2017 to all small and large enterprises. Businesses that need a user-friendly, clean interface and a private live-streaming platform should opt for Vimeo. They have different pricing plans where you can choose the features that are most significant to you.


  • Buffer-free streaming

  • 1080p live streaming quality

  • Live streaming monetization

  • Advanced video analytics for live streaming

  • Customization options for videos and live streaming


  • Ad-free clean platform

  • Social media integration

  • White-label features

  • Closed captions

  • Password security

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#6 Wowza – Best Live Streaming Experience For Enterprises

Wowza lets you broadcast your content to your audience with their features-infused live streaming. You can live stream on your website, social channels, or application. Wowza provides enterprise-level zero-lag streaming by utilizing a content delivery network so powerful.


  • Real-time analytics for live streaming

  • Low buffer videos

  • CDN utilization for an ultra-smooth streaming experience

  • CMS for ultimate video management

  • 24/7 streaming without any technical issues


  • 4K video quality

  • HTTPS streaming for a secure environment

  • APIs and SDKs available

#7 Dacast – Live Streaming Solution For Churches And Government

Dacast enables you to have a password-protected live streaming, availing it only to users you allow. The platform falls among church streaming platforms; it can also be used for genres like music, media, education, government, and more. Creators can provide their viewers with free live streaming, or they can set the pricing of their choice.


  • Live streaming in various genres

  • Perfect for live streaming for churches

  • Ad-free streaming and multiple monetization options

  • Analytics for better understanding of your viewers

  • CDN live streaming for a fast and smooth experience


  • 1080p video quality

  • 24/7 support

  • Large traffic handling capacity

  • Privacy features

  • Professional look

#8 Brightcove – Large Scale Live Streaming Solutions

Brightcove provides live streaming along with enterprise-level solutions that suit the needs of big businesses. They provide a range of products that suit the broadcasters’ overall streaming and marketing requirements.


  • Caters live streaming to a global audience

  • Buffer-free streaming with server-side-ad-insertion technology

  • Insights to track your live-streaming viewers

  • Video API for seamless integration of applications

  • Live stream monetization with ads, subscriptions, transactions, and hybrid.


  • Adaptive bitrate streaming

  • Social channels streaming

  • 24/7 streaming without any lags

  • Ready to use plugins

  • Live content performance

#9 Uscreen – Live Stream, Market, And Monetize

Uscreen is an all-in-one solution for creators looking to live stream, monetize, and market their creations. This one among the most popular live streaming platforms is a feature-packed space that brings audiences to your live streams from worldwide. The aesthetics of the platform is a cherry on top that attracts your viewers’ attention and inspires them to be with you for longer.


  • Scalability in terms of live streaming

  • Attractive and clean interface that captivates viewers

  • Works for international audiences and lag-free streaming

  • Live streaming and marketing support

  • Multiple device support from phones to laptops and tablets


  • Free trial

  • Live streaming monetization

  • Video catalog that seems similar to Netflix

  • Create your own apps and websites

  • Community creations feature

#10 Castr – Live Streaming And Video Hosting Solutions

Castr lets you live stream to 30+ platforms simultaneously with various monetization options like ads, subscriptions, and rentals. The platform is powered by Akamai and fastly for a smooth streaming experience. Creators can try their services for free before finalizing.


  • Multistream on 30+ platforms

  • Lag-free streaming with Akamai CDN

  • Various revenue options such as AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD

  • Cloud storage makes organizations hassle-free and more secure

  • Functions like chat overlay, timeshifting, audio streaming software, and more


  • 7 days free trial

  • Customizable videos for branding

  • Live stream recording

  • Analytics for viewers’ data

  • 24/7 support

Advantages of Live Streaming

  • All it takes is a smartphone with an internet connection to start live streaming. Once you have these two things, you can start presenting yourself online anytime.

  • Creators can engage with their audience in real time and receive feedback instantly. This allows for a better connection between the viewers and the creators.

  • Since live broadcasting platforms only need your smartphone with an internet connection, it comes way more cost-effective. As compared to any other advertising methods, live streaming is totally pocket-friendly.

  • With live streaming, creators can provide pictures, audio content, and live chat. All of these elements enable them to deliver even more information. For example, they can tutor students in real time, give fitness instructions, teach music, and all of this in real time.

Final Note

The best live streaming service lets you connect to your audience seamlessly and have an interruption-free interaction. We mentioned the 10 best live-streaming platforms that are prominent nowadays. Creators should make a list of the features they seek, consider the budget, and choose a platform accordingly.

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