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Life Of A Breathless Person

26th December 2023 | 7 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: This book is an original piece(don't know if someone has a similar book. If yes, I'm giving you a shoutout). Mainly focuses on law, anxiety, human betrayal, romance etc. I am always thankful to God, BTS and Stray Kids. I was once Kang Mi Soo and they helped me out of a dark place to come up with this book. Bangtan Sonyeondan; Borahaeyo Stray Kids Everywhere Around The World, You Make Stray Kids Stay

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Chapter 1

Pain the kind of pain you never forget for years. The kind that feels like your heart is being shredded into pieces, reinstated to normal and back to pieces again. This was the way I felt when I heard that my mother passed away.

It was a rainy Monday and I did my daily routine of walking to the bus station to commute to work. The bus was later than usual that day. While waiting for the bus I always think, ‘What’s the point of living’?

I mostly think to try crossing the highway when the cars are passing, praying for someone to just notice me and pull me out of the way or for someone in a car to hit me, just to end my misery.

But every time I hear the horn of the bus, I snap out of it, because I remember my mother who took care of me all by herself from childhood to adulthood with money; she made from patching people’s clothes all through her youth.

Then I think to myself, ‘She’s the reason I live. I have to give her what she deserves for all this suffering.’ Today, I went through this process again. As I almost took a step forward the bus arrived. On the bus, I always listen to my playlist that mostly consist of sad songs. I arrived at my workplace, I went straight to my supervisor, Mr. Kim’s office.

Oh, sorry for the late introduction. I’m Kang Mi Soo, a 25-year-old prosecutor from Shin. I completed from the Yonhua University with honors and got the opportunity to work at the Simchan Prosecutor’s office. Back from memory lane to in front of Mr. Kim’s office.

As Kang Mi Soo approached the office, I heard the voice of Bae Min Hyuk, my ‘rival’ at work. How it started is a mystery but ever since Kang Mi Soo got her job, Bae Min Hyuk has always been trying to have a conflict with her. Rumors sprung up in the office about how Kang Mi Soo stole her boyfriend (which she never did). All the same, Kang Mi Soo didn’t really care as long as she doesn’t cross her bottom line. Kang Mi Soo waited behind the to hear what she had to say. ‘Eavesdropping is wrong but I have to prepare myself for more childish schemes’, Kang Mi Soo said to console her conscience.

  Chapter 2  

                                     ————Inside the office————

Bae Min Hyuk is a lady who has a fantastic body proportion according to some men. She has what men call a ‘sultry’ body. Even though her face is mostly caked in makeup, she has many suitors.

Mr. Kim is a grumpy, fat and bald 50-odd old man, whom had lost almost all his cases in his glory days but is pathetically the in-charge because his brother-in-law is a congressman. Even though he cheats on his wife, she claims she cannot live without him and does not want to tell her hot-tempered brother about it. Rather, she goes around the capital disgracing her husband’s mistresses.

“Mr. Kim”, Bae Min Hyuk slurred.

“What do you want, honey?”

Bae Min Hyuk felt her stomach turn at the address but she persisted. She drew closer to him in a short black body con and replied, “I heard there’s a case about the tycoon Yang Chen Ting.”

“Yes, what about it?”

 Why don’t you assign it to Kang Mi Soo?” 

“Why should I listen to you and assign the case to her?” Mr. Kim inquired.

“Whether we win or lose the credit would be given to Mr. Oh,”

“So why don’t we lose then we can both get what we want.” Bae Min Hyuk added.
Bae Min Hyuk was able to make this proposition because she knew Mr. Kim had an animosity towards Mr. Oh. Mr. Kim had been vying for Mr. Oh’s position for a long time but couldn’t get because Mr. Oh had a more powerful backer.

“I know it’s a helpful proposition for me but how is this going to help you in anyway?” Mr. Kim asked curiously. When she heard this, Bae Min Hyuk’s eyes flashed with hatred as she remembered the past.

Chapter 3

                                ———— A Few Years Ago————

“Min Hyuk, Min Hyuk!”, a friend of Bae Min Hyuk shouted and ran after her.

When she caught up with Bae Min Hyuk she said excitedly, “Have you heard Yang Chen Ting is coming to our school and guess where he’s staying?”

Without waiting for Bae Min Hyuk to reply, she continued saying, “He’s staying at the Blue Seas Hotel, which is not far from here”.

“Really?!,” exclaimed Bae Min Hyuk.

A coy look flashed in her friend’s eyes.

“I know you work at the Blue Seas Hotel and you have a close relationship with the manager.”

“So,” Bae Min Hyuk asked pretending to be indifferent about the matter.

‘This girl is so sick thinking I won’t want to grab THE Yang Chen Ting’s thigh and still stick to those old men.’

“S-s-so,” stammered Bae Min Hyuk’s friend, “can you get me Yang Chen Ting’s room key?”

“Sure,” Bae Min Hyuk readily agreed.

Bae Min Hyuk agreed so easily because she needed an unmentionable favor from this friend of hers. When it was closing time in school, she told her friend to go with her to the hotel. Upon reaching, Bae Min Hyuk took her friend, Nam Gu Won to a hotel room saying she had booked it before they got to the hotel and told her to rest there while she got some refreshments. 

Nam Gu Won waited patiently for Bae Min Hyuk to arrive. Unbeknownst to her, the humidifier in the room had been laced with aphrodisiac. About to minutes later, Nam Gu Won started to feel dizzy. Leaning her head on her palms she fell unconscious.


Chapter 4

A few minutes after Nam Gu Won had gone unconscious, Bae Min Hyuk re-entered the room. After confirming that she was truly unconscious, Bae Min Hyuk turned to answer the phone that had been vibrating. Looking at the caller ID, Bae Min Hyuk’s eyes revealed utter disgust. Pulling herself together, she answered the call.

“Mr. Baek,” she slurred.

“What took you so long to answer the phone? Have you forgotten our deal tonight?” Mr. Baek grumpily asked.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to meet you tonight. I have other things to do.”

“More important than money? If you’re not up for the job then I’ll find myself someone who is.” Mr. Baek said.

“Wait! I’ll not be available but I have prepared someone for you.” Bae Min Hyuk hurriedly said.

“The usual place at 7. Don’t be late.”

“Darling, I knew you were competent. I give you a raise. Bye.”

Heaving a sigh of relief after the call, Bae Min Hyuk bent down to where Nam Gu Won lay and said, “You want to be a whore so I’ll help you but not to the person you are expecting.”

Brushing her fingers over Nam Gu Won’s face she said, “Yang Chen Ting is mine. It was fun using you though. Now I’ll leave you to get freaky with someone you don’t know while I go and claim my man. Enjoy your night and thanks for the favor.”

Placing Nam Gu Won on the bed she set off to the premium suites on the last floor. Not most people knew but the premium suites were not the most expensive suites in the Blue Seas Hotel. It was the rooftop suite which was owned by the mysterious owner of the hotel. Bae Min Hyuk got to know this as she and the manager were having an affair and he mentioned it once when he was drunk.

Chapter 5

She did some digging and found out where the suite was, how to get to it and where the spare key was.

‘Ding,’ as the elevator went as she had arrived at the premium suite floor. Walking to the door with the number ‘8521’ on it she opened it with the manager’s ID that she had ‘borrowed’. Closing the door, she walked towards the library. There she walked to the bookshelf a looked for four books with the numbers ‘4926’. Pulling them out one by one she unlocked a hidden chamber. In the chamber, there was an elevator the led solely to the rooftop suite. Upon arrival, Bae Min Hyuk used the key to get in.

 Walking through the door, the first sight that greeted her was a large living room that hat a 50-foot chandelier hanging from the ceiling. There was a large TV in the center and an artificial fire place by the wall. To the right were floor to ceiling windows and to the left was an open kitchen which was fully equipped. Moving a little into the suite, Bae Min Hyuk discovered a spiraling staircase that seemed as if it was made of glass. Climbing up the stairs, Bae Min Hyuk, was met with a drawing room. Moving through it she to herself, ‘A this will be mine very soon.’

After passing at least three doors, Bae Min Hyuk opened the door that seemed like the bedroom. ‘Finally,’ she muttered. Taking in the spacious king-sized bed with black bed coverings, the monotonous color scheme, the spacious walk-in closet, she heard sounds of water in the bathroom in the room. Thinking it was her lucky day, Bae Min Hyuk removed what was covering her body and hid between the bed covers.

Staying under the blanket, she ‘waited’ for Yang Chen Ting. After a few minutes, Yang Chen Ting walked out of the bathroom. Sensing something was not right, Yang Chen Ting subconsciously looked to this bed. Seeing the obvious bulge in his blanket, he did not have to think twice to what that was. ‘Not again. Who do I have to kill this time?’, Yang Chen Ting thought to himself. Calmly pretending that there was nothing on his bed, Yang Chen Ting walked to his closet and swiftly changed into a black three-piece suit. Taking his phone, he walked to the study to gather some of his documents and left.

Chapter 6

Getting into the elevator, Yang Chen Ting called his secretary, Lee Jin Young.

“Get rid of the pest in my room. See to it that she doesn’t leave here unscathed.” He said coldly when the call went through.

Lee Jin Young, who was enjoying his sweet time off in bed, was startled when he received the call, and answered, “yes.”

“Burn the sheets, change the bed and invite a pastor, an imam and a monk to cleanse the place of evil spirits and also deal with the mole.” Yang Chen Ting added and ended the call.

Lee Jin Young came to his senses after the call had ended. ‘I wonder who pissed him off.’ He thought. Remembering what Yang Chen Ting said about not letting her leave ‘unscathed’, he shivered and felt pity for ‘her.’ Getting of the bed, and dressing at the fastest speed, he rounded up some people and headed to the rooftop suite.

Meanwhile, Bae Min Hyuk who didn’t know what was going to become of her in a few minutes, was still ‘waiting’ for Yang Chen Ting under the bedsheets. Daydreaming about how she would soon be the madam of the Yang family, she was happy and didn’t realize something wrong. Suddenly, she heard the bedroom door open with a ‘bang.’ Their leader, Lee Beom Gu, a unit leader of the Yang’s Family’s elite bodyguards, and one of Yang Chen Ting’s trusted subordinates looked over his shoulder and ordered, “Get this ‘thing’ out of my sight.”

“Yes, sir.” They responded.

Walking into the room, they cast disgusted glances at Bae Min Hyuk who was startled and got up while trying to cover her naked self hurriedly with a blanket.

“Who do you thing you are? Do you know whose room you are in right now?” Bae Min Hyuk shouted.

The men ignored her and grabbed her along with the blanket.

“Let me go! Let me go!” Bae Min Hyuk shrieked.

Chapter 7

“You have no idea who you are messing with. Let me go and maybe you could get some leeway.” Bae Min Hyuk tried to negotiate.

Still ignoring her, the men knocked her out and took her to the street in front of the hotel. Leaving her with just a blanket covering her body, she became a spectacle for anyone who passed by. When she woke up, she was surrounded by a group of men who were taking pictures of her and were making lewd comments about her.

Trying to stand, she fell back on the floor. The men who were beside her notice this, their eyes glinted ambiguously. Three of the men went closer to her under the pretending to help her out of the crowd. Bae Min Hyuk tried to resist but she had no strength. The men carried her to an alley.

“Let me go! How much do you want? Just let me go!” Bae Min Hyuk mumbled.

“Don’t worry. We’ll let go of you soon enough.” One of the men snickered.

They took her to a secluded corner and one of them step away to make a call.

“Boss, we’ve secured the target. What do we do with her?” The man said to the person on the line. On the other end of the phone, a man who was sitting in front of a fireplace, took a sip from the glass of wine he was swirling and answered, “Have fun.”

The man on the other side smiled obscenely. He said a few complimentary words and ended the call. Walking to the other men who were with him, he said, “Boss said to have fun.”

“Haha, you heard that, Miss. We are going to gladly obey our boss so please cooperate.” One of the men said while he unhooked his belt.

“Please, don’t do this, please.” Bae Min Hyuk pleaded weakly.

“Don’t worry. This is going to end quickly.”

Bae Min Hyuk just remembered a sharp pain from her lower body and suddenly everything went black.

Chapter 8

After, Bae Min Hyuk just had foggy memories of it stopping and she being left in the alley. After what felt like forever, she heard someone call out to her if she was okay. She groggily woke and started crying. All she remembered was passing out from exhaustion. When she woke up again, she was in the hospital.

When she recovered, she went back to school forgetting what she had done to Nam Gu Won. Nam Gu Won’s father was a famous drug kingpin but not a lot of people knew because he wanted to protect her. When he heard what had happened to his daughter, Mr. Nam wanted to have revenge on Bae Min Hyuk who had made this plight to befall his daughter, but, be decided to be patient until she delivered herself to him.

The moment he had patiently been waiting for had arrived when she showed herself after two months in one of his bars. His subordinates reported it to him and he ordered them to deal with her. They drugged her with aphrodisiac and when she fell unconscious, two men raped her. When she woke up, she was tied to a bed and was naked. Mr. Nam had just entered the room when she woke up.

“Who are you? Why are you doing this to me? I would sue you all and make sure you all die.” Bae Min Hyuk furiously shouted.

“Maybe you should have thought of how you have destroyed someone’s life before you make threats like that.” Mr. Nam icily said.

“I don’t know exactly how I offended you, hell, I don’t even know you. Why are you doing this to me?” Bae Min Hyuk, tiredly said.

“You don’t know what you’ve done? Don’t give me that. You seemed to know what you were doing when you gave my daughter of to some stranger. Or you don’t remember that?”

Bae Min Hyuk looked lost for a while but then remembered Nam Gu Won.

‘No, no. Gu Won’s family is this powerful?’

Accepting her fate, Bae Min Hyuk accepted what came next.

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