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The mosquito and the soldier

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Milyin » 502201 » The mosquito and the soldier

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urgent meeting. This is what one of their colleagues told them. They were to meet in the leader’s tent and they were ready. He walked back and forth in his tent with his hand behind his back, and a stern expression on his face. Then he stood silently staring at them for a while before finally speaking.

_There are higher orders that require us to storm the enemy’s position. are you ready? His soldiers cheered with enthusiasm and courage
_Yes sir .

He shakes his head with pride in his brave soldiers who did not disappoint him in the most difficult situations. He knows well the difficulty of the situation, as his small battalion is incomparable in the number of enemy soldiers and equipment. But these are orders and must be carried out at any cost, even if that price is the annihilation of his entire battalion.

Peter whispered worriedly to his friend John
-It’s a difficult task
His friend gave him an angry look. A whisper distracted him from listening to his commander’s plan to storm, and Peter mumbled unintelligible words, but in reality he was not afraid of the storm as much as he was afraid of the spreading disease. Leaving their protected position was considered much more dangerous to him than the idea of ​​storming, as the fever was sweeping the old one. And the little one in this semi-remote spot and that mosquito is doing its job professionally in spreading the epidemic…

What a deadly weapon, perhaps more dangerous than a bullet that pierces your body and comforts you with all mercy… As for him, there is no mercy in his poison, which makes you suffer all kinds of torment and pain until in the end he kills you. After days of suffering.

A solid plan from an experienced leader. The authorities’ confidence in his skill and cunning was probably the main reason his battalion was selected for the mission. Peter looked more nervous than he should. The success of the storming plan was certain, but only if they followed all of the commander’s instructions precisely and with the utmost care.

Each one of them picked up his gear and prepared to begin the adventure, their souls filled with a strange longing to pursue it, regardless of their number or the number of their enemies.

Peter looked terrified with every step he took. Suddenly he started behaving strangely, pointing with his hands in the air and muttering mysterious words that made his friend surprised by his suspicious behavior, but he tried to calm him down and warn him of the seriousness of the situation. Any wrong behavior that alerts enemies will put them in a difficult situation and possibly end their lives.

Peter did not pay attention to what his friend was saying, but the buzzing of the mosquito hovering over his head made him lose his mind, so he began waving his weapon at it in the hope that it would move away from him, but to no avail. She kept humming as if she was enjoying teasing him. The commander noticed him in this state while they were close to the enemy position. He sent a message with his stern look to John, who tried to deal with the matter, so he approached his friend and whispered to him firmly.

_Peter, stop, we’re about to attack.
He continued to push the mosquitoes away, ignoring his friend’s warnings. John shook his shoulder forcefully and continued in angry whispers
– What on earth are you doing?! Stop this foolishness

_Stop, get away from me.
Peter was talking to the mosquitoes, not caring about everyone. His friend was hit by a bullet while he was chasing mosquitoes, and he informed the hostile group, which began to attack them ferociously. Two hours passed, and the shooting stopped, and he was there, covered in his own blood, and that mosquito was still hovering over him, bothering him with its buzzing. Rather, he was dancing a victory dance above him and looking at him while he could not even stand, so he aimed his gun and fired into the air.

He heard a loud scream coming towards him
– There, kill him…

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