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Google Backs Out: Image Obstruction removal

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We Discussed The Google’s Machine learning capabilities that allowed it to remove obstructions That should be as amazing as it sounds. This feature was showcased at Google I/O 2017. And we didn’t heard anything about it for year. We expected some talk at I/O 2018, but after hearing nothing, we put up where are expectations fell short. Turns out many others believed the same. People from xda- developers talked to David Lieb, Product Lead from Google Photos and Ben Greenwood, Product manager from Google Photos. They discussed and what they got to know technology is developed and Google is capable of rolling out any time. But Google Showing a Apple like behavior of restriction doesn’t roll it out. They are said to be prioritizing what is most important for most of the people. And  it’s not removing obstructions, but t is to have better colors in images, and do their backup and keep them organized. I personally believe that this would be great and revolutionary feature and would love to use it. But as far as Google is concerned they are not rolling out. I believe that people would love to use it. Though I may be wrong. Tell me down in comments what you believe. If You believe this feature should roll out, then lets make our voice reach Google.

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