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Milyin » 501711 » GREAT MIND

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Great intelligence is a place of many 

Every moment it comes to the truth of the something.

It collect many things like the sea 

And so it live with many things in it 

Words of great mind 

It detects all the roots of the branches and do biological calculations

The sun of great mind is wide as the earth 

That is why the sun has daily acts of truth 

Describes things for every class of people 

So that everyone understands the philosophy and the beautiful light of the world

His science is limitless 

Everything is described as it is 

The mind stomps even over the water 

Meaning has a broad spectrum of ideas 

And every single word produces one hundred items 

But for the average person it doesn’t look 

Dust collects power which is why it has air in the air ,

It’s integration has a kind of energy traveling depending on the location of a particular argument,

The broad mind is the source of many 

Every words cleanses the full science of man ,

By showing calculation full of many principles, 

It hear many things and translate them broadly because it uses the right calculation of more professional.

Michael MussaLast Seen: Jan 19, 2024 @ 1:25pm 13JanUTC

Michael Mussa



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