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Whispers of Time: A Poetic Journey Through Family

25th December 2023 | 7 Views

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Img 20231224 Wa0010

In a timeless frame, three generations entwined,
History’s echo, a legacy defined.
Through the sepia hues, memories unfold,
A son’s heart whispers, stories retold.

Miss you, Pappa, in shadows cast,
Your wisdom lingers, a love so vast.
From your journey’s start to where I stand,
Generations connected, a familial strand.

In your footsteps, I find my way,
Learning from the past, day by day.
Through laughter, tears, and moments we share,
Your absence felt, yet your presence in the air.

History repeats, the cycle complete,
From your father’s embrace to my daughter’s heartbeat.
A lineage of strength, a lineage of grace,
In this frame of time, love finds its place.

So here’s to you, Pappa, in heaven’s embrace,
A son’s tribute, a sacred space.
In this three-generation tale, our history spun,
Miss you, Pappa, until the setting sun.

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