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Dancing with my demons

24th December 2023 | 2 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: By Brandi Noel

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In the midst of my chaos and strife

I find solace in the shadows that come alive
They dance and twist, a dark symphony
A haunting melody, my only company

My demons, they call to me
Whispering sweet nothings, seducing me
Their alluring voices, a siren’s song
Leading me to where I don’t belong

I’ve tried to fight, to break free
But it’s pointless, for they’re a part of me
I can’t escape, I can’t deny
This twisted dance, my only way to survive

I spin and twirl, lost in a trance
As they consume me in their macabre dance
Their touch, cold and cruel
But I embrace it, for it’s all I have left to feel

The pain, it numbs, I feel no more
For in this dance, I am the choreographer
I control the steps, I decide the pace
In this twisted waltz, I am the master of my fate

But with each spin, each desperate sway
I lose a little more, a piece of myself I give away
My body, now a canvas, a work of art
Scarred and battered, a reflection of my broken heart

The darkness consumes me, body and soul
But I continue to dance, for it’s all I know
An endless cycle, a never-ending game
My demons and I, forever bound in shame

So judge me not, for the scars you see
They are just a reminder of my dance with my demons, you see
It may seem pointless, hopeless, and grim
But to me, it’s the only way to feel alive within

So let me dance, let me sway
In this dark and twisted ballet
For it may seem like self-harm to you
But to me, it’s the only way I know how to get through.

  Brandi Noel 
Noel Anderson



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