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For the people

Md Rezaul KarimLast Seen: Jan 16, 2024 @ 1:42pm 13JanUTC

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People live for people
But why this conflict between people?
The world is for people
But why people are not for the world?
Hundred of injustices they seen with their own eyes and still don’t seen .
It’s like acting like you don’t see anything.
Instead, he brags and says-
 I wish I were you!
I used to do this, I used to do that!
Brother, just think about it-
I did what I could?
Come and raise your hands
For the welfare of people.
People live for people.
The world is for people.
It is a strong demand that people love people.

Rezaul Karim
Md Rezaul KarimLast Seen: Jan 16, 2024 @ 1:42pm 13JanUTC

Md Rezaul Karim



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