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3 Saddest Incidents on One Piece (Pre-Timeskip)

23rd December 2023 | 3 Views

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These are just my opinions, so please be kind… But who doesn’t love a spirited debate, I’d love to know what you guys think!

  1. The Death of Ace.

One Piece was the first anime that I was ever introduced to,band I have loved it ever since, going on about 15 years now! And even now, after everything that has happened to the crew since Ace was killed in front of Luffy; this is the moment that I Rate #1 for the most gut-wrenching , and heart- breaking scenes to date. The sadness and anguish that Luffy felt, was truly palpable through the screen, and was amplified by the fact that Luffy literally went to Hell and back in order to save Ace from Impel Down. Then when that didn’t work, he literally took in a Warlord and fought almost to his death to save his big brother, only to lose at the very end.

     2. Nami Asking for Luffy to Save her

When Nami left the fishmen, after refusing Luffy’s help for weeks, concerned about what he’d think about her if he knew that she stole from pirates. The battle was close to being loss, as Arlo and his crew seemed to be nice match for the naive Luffy and is crew. The pictures depict, what I believe is the most vulnerable and important scene during this arx. Nami cannot take being branded by the fishmen anymore, so she takes a knife to her arm and begins tearing at her skin with it to remove the ink of her past. Just as she’s doing this, Luffy appears behind her, and Nami begins pleasing with Luffy to help her, which of course he does (and he beats Arlo’s ass!). The part I loved the most about this is that before going to face Arlo and the fishmen crew, he puts his straw hat/most valuable possession, on top of Nami’s head, and assures her that he will save her and her town, because they are friends. This scene makes me cry every time I watch it!

      3. When the Merry Got Destroyed

I am sure that there are much sadder events that most One Piece fans thing should go way before this one. For me, it wasn’t the fact that the crew had to watch it burn, it’s the fact that they began their journey across the Grand Line

Sophie Skelton



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