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On an uninhabited planet of Galaxy 5412(name: light galaxy)….



Two people who were shrouded in white and black light respectively where fighting in a deserted place. Countless bodies were scattered around them. Some bodies where completely intact, while others had lost a limb or two.

Energy waves which where emitting form them was destroying the area they were in. mountains where flatted when they passed through them. There fight even influenced the climate.


“Dark entity, you can’t escape from me. This is the end of your journey.” Said Damion.

 “Ha hah ha” laughed the dark entity. “You are the only one left. Other have already been killed by me. How much long can you hold on?”  Replied the dark entity.


“No matter what, even if I have to scarify my life I will kill you “said Damion.


Damion was determined to kill the dark entity. No one knows the origin of the dark entity, they only knows the terror which he had brought to this universe. Some speculated that dark entity is not from this universe, while other speculated that dark entity is born from the negative energy of the universe.

They fought for 2 day straight. Each hours passes the strength of Damion grows weak and the dark entity becomes strong. Sometimes Damion came close to his death. But he prevailed. He has only one goal, to eliminate the dark entity. To destroy the plague which has destroyed countess civilization for his pleasure.

The fighting was so intense that it has destroyed half of the planet.  In the end Damion become so weak that even lifting a hand gave him heart wrenching pain.

“Ha hah ha, so the hero of the light galaxy only amount to this much huh” said the dark entity.

“Well after I finish you I will set course to the last galaxy of this universe, ‘the milky way galaxy”. After making them my slave I will be the one and only leader of this universe I will be the emperor of this universe hah hah haa”. The dark entity laughed and approached Damion.

Damion grunted and sighed” you are right. I am weak. I can’t defeat you.”

“Finally you understood but it’s too late” scoffed the dark entity.

“No you are wrong. I admitted my weakness but I didn’t admit my defeat. Dark entity I told you I will defeat you even if it cost my life. Did you think I dint have what it takes to do that.” Damion had determination in his eyes. Looking at Damion’s eyes dark entity had a bad feeling it asked “what are you trying to do?”

Damion didn’t answer he started to concentrate all his energy to the center of his forehead where the source of all power lies in a warrior. He started to make hand signs and chanting the ancient Sanskrit slogan. His armor began to glow chains began to cur out from his spin. It moved toward the dark entity.

Seeing this the pupil of the dark entity dilated. He finally know what it feel like to be afraid.

“Are you trying to seal me in this abandoned planet huh?” asked the dark entity. He was not going to stand still in order to be sealed in the abandoned planet. He began to run toward Damion. He concentrated his energy to his fingers. He aim his fingers toward damion’s heart. He pierced damion’s heart and laughed “you can’t even defeat me let alone seal me “. The chain which advanced to the dark entity halted.

For energy warriors who attained the highest level in cultivation losing an organ doesn’t mean he will die. But for Damion due to the prolong fight he had lost half of his chakra. The latter half he concentrated on his center of his forehead to perform the sealing technique. So when the dark entity pierced the heart it took a toll on Damion.

Due to the destruction of his heart Damion’s eyes lost focus but through will power, he clutched his teeth and said “Dark entity you have lost when I initiated the sealing technique. This sealing technique is of the ancient civilization which they used to seal the evil energy of this galaxy. Even if I die now the sealing technique will not stop because in order to perform this technique I have scarifies my soul.” “Hah hah haa you never thought a day will come where you will be defeated.” Damion laughed like a madman and coughed 2 mouth full of blood.

The halted chain started to move toward the dark entity in light speed. The dark entity didn’t stood there he dodged and started to flee from the planet. But it was no use where ever he goes the chain follows. Finally it caught up to the dark entity and pierced its head, four limbs and finally his heart. The chain brought the dark entity toward Damion. Damion laughed and said “dark entity this is it for us we will stay in this abandoned planet for all of the eternity.”

The dark entity grunted “Damion do you think you won? My army is still in the dark galaxy and they will arrive sooner or later. And they will free me from this sealing technique. Then I will set course to the Milky Way galaxy to conquer it.”

Damion’s felt weakness hitting him he started to loss his consciousness. He started to see his life passing through his eyes. He saw his childhood, how his mother and father loved him. He saw his adulthood, his life in the school, his friend and his love of the life Maria. He saw how the war brought by the dark entity took everything from him. He saw his friend dying one by one. He saw his lover Maria dies in his hand. He saw the billions of people die and become the stepping stone for the dark entity to become the emperor of the universe. Suddenly his mind began to rage, he don’t want the other galaxies to suffer the same fate as his galaxies he conquered all his mind strength and pass half of his consciousness to a device. He uttered to the dark entity” if your army ever free you from this sealing I will be ready for to defeat you again” after saying this the pored all his energy to the device and send it to the Milky Way galaxy.

The dark entity scoffed and said “even if you reborn you won’t be able to defeat me the next time.”

Damion smirked and said “let’s wait and see.” He completed the final sign and the chain enlarged and covered the entire planet along with the dark entity and Damion. The dark entity was sealed. Those who came near to the planet can hear his endless screaming.





Blue planet also called Earth of the Milky Way galaxy…….


West-gate City stands as a prominent hub, attracting entrepreneurs eager to carve out their success and establish dominance in this thriving urban landscape. At the heart of the city, a majestic giant tree has stood for over a millennium, becoming a symbolic center around which the city has grown and evolved. The residents’ areas were divided into three distinct districts, each reflecting the socioeconomic diversity of the city.

In the central district, surrounding the giant tree, the wealthiest families and government officials resided. Lavish mansions and well-manicured gardens characterized this area, showcasing the opulence of those who held influential positions in both the private and public sectors.

The second district housed the middle-class families, individuals whose net worth ranged between 10-15 million. These residents enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle, with access to quality education, healthcare, and recreational facilities. The district served as a bridge between the extravagance of the central area and the humble abodes in the third district.

The third district, often referred to as the slum, was home to the common folk and the city’s poorest residents. Here, the streets were filthy which inversely caused the high death toll among the residence.

On the abandoned street of the third district a 19 year old boy was in a stalemate with group thugs. A nine year old girl was hiding behind him.

“Boy give the girl to us and beg for mercy. We will grand you a painless death”. The leader of the thug said.

The boy scoffed “you think you can kill me. What a joke “

The leader gritted his teeth “boy you have officially pissed me, so you have to die today and believe me it will be going to be gruesome”.

“Kill that kid and bring the girl back and remember don’t hurt the girl” ordered the leader.

The tugs had a menacing smile itched to their lips. The rush toward the boy with blades and steel bars.

The boy, his fists clenched and determination in his eyes, faced the thug who swung a steel bar towards him. Instead of dodging, the boy stood his ground and caught the incoming strike with his bare hand. The thug, taken aback and bewildered, couldn’t fathom how someone could defy his attack so effortlessly.

Realizing the boy’s strength, the thug took a step back, a newfound caution in his eyes. He prepared himself for the next move, but before he could react, the boy struck first. A powerful punch landed squarely on the thug’s stomach, sending him hurtling backward. The force of the blow was so immense that the thug collided with others who were rushing to join the fray.

Undeterred, the boy seized the opportunity and grabbed the steel bar discarded by the thug. With a newfound sense of confidence, he ran towards the remaining thugs, wielding the steel bar with surprising expertise. His movements were swift and calculated, as he swung the steel bar, incapacitating each thug with precise strikes.

The thugs, caught off guard by the boy’s unexpected skill with the improvised weapon, were unable to mount a defense. One by one, they fell to the ground, defeated by the determined and skilled young fighter.

The scene unfolded like a choreographed dance of combat, with the boy weaving through his adversaries, each swing of the steel bar a testament to his prowess. The once-confident thugs now found themselves on the receiving end of a relentless onslaught.

As the dust settled, the boy stood amidst the fallen thugs, victorious yet composed. His display of strength and skill had not only thwarted the immediate threat but had also left an indelible mark on the leader who had underestimated him. The boy’s resilience and ability to turn the tide of the confrontation showcased a potential for greatness that went beyond his youthful appearance.


The leader, consumed by fury, unleashed a war cry and swung his blade fiercely toward the boy’s neck. Swift and agile, the boy evaded the deadly strike by ducking and rolling under the blade. He emerged unscathed and landed close to the thug.

Seizing the opportunity, the boy thrust the steel bar in his hand toward the leader’s chest with precision. The steel bar struck accurately, finding its mark in the leader’s chest cavity where the heart was. The leader grimaced in excruciating pain, feeling as though his heart had been shredded to pieces. The intensity of the blow left him momentarily incapacitated.

Realizing he couldn’t face the boy head-on, the leader attempted to retreat, planning to escape the impending defeat. However, the boy, fueled by determination and swifter than the leader anticipated, closed the distance in an instant. Just as the leader attempted to flee, the boy swung the steel bar with a well-aimed strike at the leader’s knee.

The force of the blow was formidable, and the leader’s knee buckled under the impact. A sickening crack echoed as the knee broke, and the leader crumpled to the ground in pain. His attempt to escape thwarted, the once-raging leader now lay defeated, writhing in agony on the ground.

The boy stood over the fallen leader, his gaze unwavering and resolute. The other thugs, witnessing the swift and decisive defeat of their leader, hesitated to continue the fight. The boy, armed with nothing but a steel bar and his determination, had single-handedly turned the tide of the confrontation.

The leader, groaning in pain, realized the consequences of underestimating the seemingly ordinary boy. The boy’s skill and resourcefulness had proven to be more than a match for the gang, leaving the once-dominant leader subdued and defeated on the ground.

Despite the searing pain coursing through his broken leg, the fallen leader managed to maintain an air of aloofness and confidence. Lying on the ground, he looked up at the victorious boy with a smirk, attempting to conceal the agony that radiated from his injured knee. ”Boy do you think after killing us you can live a carefree life in this 3 district “

“Whether I live or not is none of your concern. The day you choose to traffic little girl your countdown has started” the boy replied.

Hearing this the expression of the leader change. With a pale face he said” Boy don’t go overboard. We are the member of the Wicked Brigade gang. Ones our leader knew this he wi send all the gang members to hunt you down.”

“Hah do you think I am afraid of the Wicked Brigade gang. You are not the first member of that gang I have killed nor will be the last.”

Shocked the leader asked” are you the death reaper of district 3 who is running around killing all the gang members”.

The boy didn’t replied. So the leader took the silence for the answer. The thug was in so much regret that he even cursed his mother for giving him birth. Dark asur was like a bane to all the gang member. It al started 2-3 years ago. The gang members who were on mission started to go missing. At first they thought it was the doing of the other gang members. But on further investigation they understood that it was happening to all the gangs in the 3rd district. However, as the disappearances persisted and extended to various gangs in the 3rd district, a survivor’s account shed light on the true terror that lurked in the shadows.

According to the survivor, a mysterious figure draped in a dark cloak and wearing a sinister mask had mercilessly attacked their group. The Dark Asur, as the figure came to be known, left no room for mercy.

HA HA HAH HA the leader began to laugh like a mad man he knew he can’t escape any more. So he hardened his resolution and throw the blade ate the girl who the boy tried to save.

Seeing the blade inching toward the girl the boy suddenly rushed and stood before the girl. The blade stabbed through his stomach but didn’t went too deep the clock was also like an armor which prevented the balde to went deep.

The boy pinched the blade and took it out of his wound. Blood was gushing as the blade was being removed. During this process there was no expression on the boy’s face. After removing the blade he rushed toward the leader and stabbed his neck. The leader’s eyes was open wide. He didn’t even though that today was his last day on the earth.

His limb went weak. He kneel down and slowly lied on the ground. His eyes lost focus. He was dead. Seeing their leader die by the hand of the boy they felt fear and anger coursing in their heart. Some began to escape while other who was braver ran toward the leader and the boy. The boy didn’t showed any mercy within minute he killed all the thugs there.





After dealing with all the thugs he approached the nine year old girl. The girl was frightened after seeing everything. Kneeling on his knees he asked “do you know where your parents are?”

“My parent died a year ago in an accident. I am living with my aunt now. But I think she doesn’t want me anymore” the girl replied.

Before enquiring more he heard the siren of the police vehicle. He took the girl and jumped on his motor bike which was parked in the ally. He sped through the abandoned street to ditch the cops.

After he made sure that the cops was not following he changed his outfit and brought the girl to a building in the sector 3. The building seems old and will perish any time. He went to the door and knocks on it. After a minute or so the door was opened. A seemingly old lady welcomed them both.

The old lady asked” Another kid from the mafia “

The boy replied “yes she was kidnaped by the wicked brigade gang.”

“And her family” enquired the old lady.

“She said that her parent had died and she was living with her aunt and that her aunt don’t want her any more. I think she was sold by her aunt to the wicked brigade gang.” The boy replied.

The old women sighed and said “The poor kid. Let me arrange something for her to eat. Don’t worry I will take care of her.”

The boy nod and took a stack of money from his pocket. ”Keep this madam. This is all I have now. It will arrange some money and deliver it tomorrow.”

The old lady hesitated for a moment, her expression softening as she saw the sincerity in the boy’s eyes. “Thank you kid. Without you help it would be impossible for running this orphanage.”

The boy smiled and said “I just do what I can to improve my society.”

After saying that he rode his motor bike and vanished into the street.


The next morning

In the smith family resident.

The door of the resident was kicked open and a man trembling with anger stroll into the living room and yelled “Aron smith get out here right now”

Seeing the commotion the residence came to the living hall. They were not surprised because it was a common sight at that resident. The man who yelled was the master of the family John smith

Seeing johns rage his wife Martha approach him and enquired” what’s wrong honey? What did he done this time’”

Seeing his wife johns fury subdued a little bit and asked “where is Aron? “

She replied” he is still sleeping. He came home late yesterday”

Hearing this john got angry again” how dare he steeling my money and sleeping like nothing happened. ”Aron come to the living room right now “john yelled.

“What he stole the money? What are you talking about” enquired Martha

“Today I was going through the account and found that 100,000 dollars was missing from the account. Tracing back I found out that aron took it” replied john

Everyone was shocked. Hearing the commotion Aron was waked from his slumber.

The last night after drooping the girl in the orphanage he drove back to his home which was located in district one. When he arrived it was already one in the morning.

Aron stumbled into the living room, rubbing his eyes and clearly disoriented. His dishevelled appearance and guilt-ridden expression hinted at the truth behind his father’s accusations.

“What’s going on?” Aron mumbled, still half-asleep.

John glared at him, seething with anger. “You know exactly what’s going on! Where’s the money you stole from my account?”

Aron’s eyes widened in shock, and he stammered, “What? I didn’t take any money!”

John pointed at the financial records in his hand. “Don’t play games with me, Aron. I traced it back, and it led straight to you. Explain yourself!”

Martha, torn between her son and husband, intervened, “Aron, is this true? Did you take money from your father’s account?”

Aron hesitated for a moment, then admitted, “I… I borrowed it. I was in trouble, and I thought I could pay it back before Dad noticed.”

Even though he admitted the crime there was no shred of guilt in his face.

John’s face turned even redder with fury. “Borrowed it? This is stealing, Aron! How could you betray your own family like this?”

“I was desperate, Dad. I needed money for daily life” Aron pleaded.

“Daily life? Was pub and gambling your daily life? “John enquired.

Aron lazily replied “well it’s my life. I will do what I want to do”

Hearing this john got angry even more. He swing his hand and slapped Aron. Aron saw the slap coming. He was well versed in martial arts and won many championship. If he wanted he could have dodged it. But Aron put up a show and fall to the ground.

John in his rage said “Get out from this house. If you can’t repay the stolen money don’t even think of coming back”

Hearing this Martha and other where shocked. The fight between the father and son duo was a common sight. But it never went this far. But they couldn’t step up because of what Aron did. Little did they know that the money was given to the orphanage in District 3.

Aron left his resident with indigenes. He couldn’t reveal that he was giving the money to the orphanage if he did then his other identity as the death reaper will be revealed. It may cause trouble to his family.






As Aron strolled down the familiar streets of District 1, memories of his past flooded his mind. Born into the prestigious Smith family, one of the three major families in West-gate city, Aron had been raised amidst wealth and influence. The Smith family held a dominant position, exerting control over a substantial 40% of the city’s economy.

The West-gate city was known for its intricate network of families, each playing a significant role in shaping the destiny of the city. The Smiths, with their extensive economic prowess, held a particularly influential position. Aron, growing up within this environment, had witnessed first-hand the dynamics of power and privilege.

Aron’s father, the esteemed leader of the Smith family, instilled in him the fundamental importance of treating others with equality, vehemently rejecting the notion of a three-district concept. Growing up in the embrace of John’s beliefs and ideologies, young Aron, in his naivety, held the innocent assumption that the rest of the world echoed the egalitarian principles championed by his father.

Top of Form


As the prodigious scion of the esteemed Smith family, Aron demonstrated exceptional aptitude in science, business, and various arts, with a particular prowess in martial arts. Consequently, he earned admission to one of the most renowned schools in the district, known for its stringent standards that exclusively welcome the alpha individuals of the young generation.

However everything changed after he entered the school. He came to an understanding that everyone has the same notion as his father. His peers despised the poor. They always flaunt around how they treat the low class people as a mere servants of theirs.

Because he believed in his father’s ideology he was ostracized by his class mate. However he tried to, he couldn’t even manage to make friend. Desperate, he started to change himself. He started to act like his fellow classmate so that he can blend with his classmate.

This change was hard to accept by his father who had a lot expectation for him. They began to quarrel and eventually a rift was began grow between them. Affected by the rift Aron became more rebellious and took his anger toward the low class people.

However on his 15th birthday everything changed. To celebrate his birthday his classmates brought him to a building in district 2. That building was owned by one of the 3 prominent family. The Boone family. One of the Boone family scion was Aron’s classmate. The building was a little bit shady. People who were entering the building was wearing mask. Aron didn’t know what was going on. He enter the building with his classmates. After entering the building he was shocked to the core. Young boys was chained and pinned to the walls. The people where surrounding them and watching them as some kind of art work.


One of his classmate took him to the chained boys and said “Aron look at this. They look exquisite don’t they? “

Aron was in shock he collected himself and asked “what is this? How can humans be chained like animals “

His classmate replied “why are you shocked? These people are low class they don’t even have money to feed themselves. So they sell them to us, the rich and powerful people. We can do whatever we want with them.” Then she took a whip from the shelf nearby and swing it toward the chained boy chest. A clear sound of skin been torn off was heard. The boy screamed. However he couldn’t do anything. Th audience was enjoying the screams of the boy. Seeing this Aron’s face paled. He try to help the bo and was stopped by his peers.

Aron in his fur enquired “what the hell are you doing. He is a living being. Don’t you have a shred of humanity in you?”

His peers laughed “what are saying Aron? They abandoned their identity as humans when they sold themselves to us”

Aron was flabbergast. He tried to control his emotion but he couldn’t. His classmate saw this and giggled. It seems they were enjoying Aron’s agony.

The scion of the Boone said “stop making fun of him he is new here. He will get accustom to it eventually. Anyways today is birthday take him to the second floor.”

Reluctant to be abandoned by his classmates Aron went to the second floor with them. There he saw 10 girls ate the age 10 to 15 in line. The scion of the Boone family said” Brother Aron choose a girl from them “

Aron was confused and asked why. Hearing this everyone laughed and looked weirdly at Aron.

Aron understand what was going on and he immediately refused. They tried to persuade Aron to think otherwise but Aron was stubborn as a rock. Even though he was fallen to his classmate level he still have some principal.

Suddenly a room to his right was open. A fat bear belly guy was seen coming out from the room. He was adjusting his dress. A girl who was 10 or 11 was lying on the floor. Puddle of blood was seen around her. Seeing her Aron’s face changed. He recognized her.

She was the daughter of his maid who adored him so much he rushed to the room pushing aside the fat man. He knelt on the ground and took the girl in his hand.

“Moana wake up what happened to you? “ Aron was trying to wake her>But she didn’t open her eyes.

Seeing the scene the fat guy was taken back “kid do you know her?”

Aron was raging. Eyes Bloodshot he hurdled toward the fat guy, pushing him down to the floor and asked “what the hell did you did to her?”

The fat guy was enraged he is the president of H&T company and no one has ever dare to hit him but now a kid pushed him to the floor how dare he. Enraged the fat guy shouted” how the he are you to question me bastard. Do you know who I am? How dare you. Guard come here and break his two legs.

Seeing the commotion his classmate as already left the scene knowing that this won’t end well. Few guards rushed to them. One of the guard kicked Aron from top of the fat guy and said “How dare you trying to make problem in the territory of Fogous dragon’s layer.”

Aron steadied himself and looked at the guard” He killed a girl and you are questioning me?”

“Killed a girl” taken back the guard looked toward the room he saw a girl was lying in a puddle of blood. Looking indifferent he said “so what. Their life and death are in our control and you don’t have a say in it”.

Aron was enraged he sprinted toward the guard and kicked the guard chest. The guard was taken back. He didn’t expect that Aron will hit him after informing who den he was staying. Due to that he couldn’t doge and was thrown back and hit the wall. Enraged he ordered “kill that bastard”.

The rest of the guard rushed toward Aron. One of them took a baton and swing it toward his head. Seeing the incoming guard he yelled” today none of you wil walk out here alive”.

Aron shifted his weight, advancing with a predatory grace. His right leg stretched forward, the knee bending with controlled precision. As he descended, his body crouched low, a coiled spring ready to unleash its force. The air crackled with tension.

In a swift, calculated move, Aron’s hand shot toward the guard’s face. Fingers splayed, palm open, it was a motion that carried the promise of retribution. The movement was so sudden and fluid that the guard barely had time to react.

The impact echoed through the room as Aron’s palm connected with the guard’s face. A sharp crack resonated, and the guard staggered backward, and fell to the floor. Aron, fuelled by a mix of fury and determination, had managed to deliver a blow that defied the guard’s expectations.

Seeing this the rest of the guard was taken back and hesitated for a second, sweat rolled down from there forehead. For a martial artist like Aron a second of hesitation was like a golden opportunity. He jumped into the middle of the group, punching and kicking with accurate precision. The guard fell down one by one. In the end Aron was standing like an indomitable wall in middle of the fallen guards. Seeing this the leader of the guard and the fat guy was freighted. The leader tried to summon more of the guard but even before he could take his walkie-talkie he heard a crisp sound and an unbearable pain crawled from his hand. His hand was broken by Aron. The guard was screaming at top of his lungs. Aron then deliver a round kick toward his cheek which knock him down.

The overweight man, already terror-stricken, succumbed to unconsciousness. Aron paid him no attention, turning instead towards the lifeless body. Gently lifting her, tears streamed down his cheeks, expressing a depth of emotion words could not convey.

He brought the lifeless body to the ground foor and marched toward the exit. While holding the body memories them were playing in his mind. Even though she was the maid’s daughter she was like a little sister to him. When he passed through the door he saw a dozen off police officer standing with their guns drawn. First he was confused then he understood this was all the ploy of his classmate. Heartbroken he surrendered to the police.

Aron then remembered how his father looked at him at the police station and heard the heart wrenching cries of the maid. After the investigation the fat guy was arrested for assault and killing a minor. But with his influence he escaped the conviction. Heartbroken the maid committed suicide. John used his influence to bring justice to the daughter and mother but it was no to avail.

Aron was dismissed from the school due to the incident. From then on John didn’t even looked at him. This incident was like a wakeup call to him. The memories of this incident haunted him day and night. He lost his sleep and was slowly falling toward insanity.

However through his superhuman will power he pulled through and started to help the poor people. He adopted the identity of death reaper and started to target the mafia who involves in trafficking children. He helped the people how are disparate situation and collected money for orphanage. Yet it didn’t changed anything his help was like a drop of water in the sea.

To help others he started to take money from his father’s company without his knowledge. He acted like a prodigal son to hide his alter ego so that his family won’t be involved in his mess.
























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