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Student – positive psychology

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20th December 2023 | 6 Views

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In this world of science and technology one observes that there are more cases of hopelessness, sadness and loneliness found among students than it was ten years back. 

One wonders what is root cause of same. Parents, teachers and care givers are deeply concerned about mental health of students. 

Question is can school provide mental health program  to it’s students. Can positive thinking be taught to students. General observation is student who believe in science based happiness feel sasified in life. These students are positive thinker and positive doers also. 

What is science of happiness

Three factors which predict happiness is 1.genetic 3.circumdtances

All three above listed factors depends on one’s culture. Gratitude, kindness and optimistic thinking are key traits of one’s personality which contribute to student positive psychology. 

If school work on character building and give skill of gratitude and empathy in its students, then major part of positive psychology is being covered in school. Parents can make habit of asking their children to write three positive things which they did today in note book. 

This way informal training in positive psychology given by school and parent can go long way in making solid foundation for students who ultimately become good citizen of country. 

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


Sukarma TharejaOnline

Sukarma Thareja



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