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RevathyLast Seen: Jan 19, 2024 @ 6:35am 6JanUTC

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I delve in the past that gave me tears

I delve in the future that gives me fears

I delve on the things that hurt my heart

I delve on the people who harmed me lot

I delve so I know what makes me better 

I delve to see what makes me tick in future

I delve on the fantasies still like a child

I delve on the adventures that would make me wild

I delve on the moments of happiness long gone

I delve so to see how much I am torn

I delve upon matters of heart that gave me pain

I delve as to see how all the life I led went in vain

 I delve on the life I dreamed since little

I delve on it so to see how I have driven on paths without a throttle

I delve on memories that flood my eyes

I delve so to see a lifestyle led not so wise

I delve on the feelings of despair

I delve on the unforeseen till I hit the pyre

I delve but not act as I am an old famished soul

I delve to see if I still have hope for my heart to become whole


By Revathy

RevathyLast Seen: Jan 19, 2024 @ 6:35am 6JanUTC




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