17 BEST Tips To Improve Multitasking Skills (2024)

Improve Multitasking Skills

3rd July 2024 | 105 Views

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Multitasking is the ability to do a task while focusing/keeping track of another job simultaneously and switching back and forth periodically. This skill can help save time, improve work, become more efficient, and grow faster. In 2024, it is in your best interests to focus on Multitasking to become efficient and successful in your work.

Multitasking can be a significant advantage in the race called life. There are many ways to be a better multitasker. Some techniques require patience, while others can be implemented instantly. This article will help you improve your multitasking skills effortlessly.

How to Improve Multitasking Skills

If done correctly, multitasking can massively improve efficiency and save a lot of time. Of course, it is far more demanding and tiring, but doing a 2-hour work in 1 hour by multitasking and then enjoying the leftover 1 hour is a far better idea. 

So now, let’s begin discussing 17 tips for better multitasking skills. Keep reading till the end to read our expert 3-step advice to get started with Multitasking.

1) Practice Till Perfection

Remember when you started learning to drive? It wasn’t easy because you had to use your hands to steer and your feet to accelerate/brake the car while keeping your eyes on the road/surrounding traffic.

But with practice, you have built the hand-leg-eye coordination to do it quickly and sometimes adjust the radio and air conditioning or maybe take calls besides all the usual driving. Similarly, practicing can help you improve your multitasking skills rapidly.

How did you do that? Well, the answer is practice. You practiced it enough that doing that combination of 3 things wasn’t trouble anymore.

There are a few daily activities that you can practice together. Start walking while in the ring if you have to be on a long audio call. This would help you burn calories and save time from your workout routine while still doing everything on the call.

2) Know Your Limits

Goals are critical to improving multitasking skills. Dreams can help you define whether your effort was successful or not. Say you are writing an email while eating breakfast. You might be able to send the mail and finish the breakfast on time.

But because of trying to multitask, you might have made many spelling mistakes in the email, or you could have made the table dirty with tiny bites of your food.

That’s why I try to define reasonable goals, such as sending an email with proper format, excellent spelling, etc. These will eventually help improve your work quality while multitasking and save you some precious time.

3) Take Advice For Better Multitasking

Most of us don’t understand our bodies and minds. But our family/friends and people who spend a lot of time with us understand and observe things about us that we ignore.

You might be used to going to the office from a particular route daily, but you never knew a shorter, better way to the office existed. That’s where friends and family come into play.

Ask them to list some qualities about you, and ask them, “What Can I do to improve my Multitasking Skills?” They might come up with a quality about you that you never knew existed because people around you see a zoomed-out view of your life. Sometimes, things become far more apparent when viewed from a distance. You should sometimes ask yourself, “What do I do to improve my multitasking skills easily.

Moving on, let’s see how to improve multitasking using the constant shifting technique.

4) Utilize Every Sense Organ

One of the most important things to remember while learning multitasking skills is that our brain can only respond to 1 signal from our Sense Organs. So it would help if you tried to club the work of different sense organs to utilize time better.

For example, you cannot listen to your favorite podcast and attend a call simultaneously because both involve our ears’ same sense organ. But you can club two different organs. You can take a bath while listening to your podcast or go for a walk while on a call as they involve other organs.

So, we have learned some tips on improving #multitasking skills, but now, let’s see when we should avoid multitasking.

3) Avoid Multitasking to Improve Quality

Research has shown that multitasking significantly increases the chances of mistakes for most humans. Besides improving multitasking skills, you need to understand when to avoid multitasking.

There are some places where you might want to avoid mistakes and others where you can correct the errors. For example, you might be typing an email while doing other work. You can delete and retype a word if you mistype a word.

But if you are doing something like cooking, you want to avoid mistakes because a single mistake can ruin the dish, and a little bit too much salt can make you remake the word from the start, so a different technique is required at such places.

6) Use The Round-Robin Task Scheduling

In situations like the one mentioned above, a better way to get things done quickly is to divide tasks into smaller ones and arrange them in order.

Let’s go to the previous example. Let’s say you have to wash dishes and also cook food. Rather than trying to do both things at the same time, do them in small sets in sequence.

This is one multitasking tip I found used by many successful people. Even Elon Musk manages his companies by constantly shifting from 1 company to another.

Say your dish requires 10 minutes of resting period and then 10 minutes of baking. Rather than washing dishes/cooking side by side, prepare the word and then, during the 10 minutes, wash the dishes, put them for baking, and rewash them.

7) Be a Juggler

At some point, we all have seen someone juggle 2 or 3 balls or sometimes even ten balls. The Juggler can teach us a vital tip to improve multitasking. Juggling is quite tricky. The JJugglerr catches many balls in rapid succession.

But will he be able to do that if he tries to catch all ten balls simultaneously? Quite indeed, “NO,” This is because catching one ball at a time is ten times easier than catching ten balls at a time just once. 

#MultitaskingSkills can be improved in 2 ways. One way is to do two things simultaneously, like walking while attending a call or juggling between 2 or more activities as and when needed. Both approaches are equally important, and in modern times, it’s even more critical to juggle two tasks rather than do them simultaneously.

These two approaches to multitasking can be used interchangeably based on the needs and situation.

8) Make a To-do List

Making a to-do list is a common suggestion in all guides to improve #multitaskingskills, but people often neglect it and don’t understand its importance. Therefore, I shall emphasize again to make a to-do list.

To-do lists help organize stuff and efficiently practice #multitasking. It enables you to remember tasks and club them together. For example, they buy groceries or medicine while returning from the office.

If it is done correctly, it can save you time. Otherwise, you might have to market again after reaching home because you forgot to buy the medicines on your way home.

I hope you are enjoying these tips. Suppose you have any suggestions that you’d like to share. Now, let’s see how to improve multitasking skills using proper prioritization through Dr Steven Covey’s advice.

9) Prioritize Your Work

The most crucial thing in this #SelfHelp guide is to remember while multitasking is Priority Order. Regardless of how well you work, you will be in trouble if you don’t prioritize essential tasks.

Late Dr. Steven Covey very well suggested the right approach to managing time. He suggests categorizing all your work into four quadrants, as shown below.

Improve Multitasking Skills Stephen Covey Quadrant

You should finish tasks in Quadrant 1 first and then complete the tasks in Subsequent Quadrants. Dividing work into these four quadrants can be helpful and is a crucial tip for multitasking better.

This ensures you do not do a more minor priority task before a high-priority job. Studies of high priority should be done first, with readings of lower or the same emphasis being done in parallel by multitasking.

10) Eliminate the Unnecessary

Improve Multitasking Skills Steve Jobs On Rejecting 1000 Ideas

Steve Jobs once said it was more important to reject 1000 ideas to focus on that one most important thing. That’s excellent advice for anyone trying to figure out how to improve multitasking skills.

It’s better not to do a thing rather than do it incorrectly. Next time, avoid the unnecessary and focus on the few most necessary things with the utmost attention, and then squeeze other tasks in whenever possible.

11) Leverage Automation

“The best way to multitask is to not have to do a task”

In the modern world, we have the power of the Internet and great applications to automate our work.

The proper use of automation can be a vital tip for improving multitasking skills.

Apps like Zapier and IFTTT can help you reduce your work. You can automate many things to help you save time and multitask efficiently.

For example, they can create an entry in a Google Sheet for every contact added to your contact list. This can be useful if you are in sales or marketing and have to maintain the database/information of every call.

Or your job might require you to log your travel and miles traveled. This can be easily automated by having IFTTT track your location as and when needed.

12) Distractions

Distractions are both a boon and a bane. Distractions sometimes relax you and give you the necessary peace and energy to return to work with even greater force. On the other hand, distractions can reduce your ability to focus when you are trying to focus.

Here, the vital tip for improving your multitasking skills is to avoid distractions.

While working on a laptop/phone, avoid distractions. This is especially necessary while multitasking because getting a proper rhythm and maintaining the momentum for the two tasks is essential to doing the two tasks effectively.

Getting swayed by Instagram or YouTube or maybe Milyin could break your momentum one at a time.

13) Teamwork

Another great tip to improve multitasking is to take help or do teamwork.

Sometimes, you might find a task difficult, but your friend/colleague may be. The best approach is to do teamwork or ask him to do a job, and you can do one of his tasks that you find easy to return the favor.

This time management technique can primarily improve time utilization, and while it might not be proper multitasking, it ensures more work in less time for both of you.

I get that this point doesn’t seem to fit right in the 17 Vital tips to improve multitasking skills quickly, as it doesn’t help you be a better multitasker. But for any multitasker, getting work done on time is of utmost priority, so I considered this an essential tip for multitaskers.

14) Select Easy-to-Interrupt Tasks

I hope you are enjoying our tips to become a better multitasker. Our next trip is to choose 1 task that is easy to Interrupt.

So that even when you try to do two tasks, if one job suddenly requires more attention, you can interrupt the other task without having any significant problems.

This can be in situations where you are making a presentation or writing an email while being in a meeting, so you can keep doing the presentations till your attention is needed. As the email is easy to interrupt, you can stop your email work whenever required, and smoothly transition to giving full attention to the other piece.

An interruptible task allows you to focus on the more critical task at any time, which is very important to be a better multitasker.

15) Take Rest

Remember, those who fly these airline pilots are highly trained officials with years, sometimes even decades, of experience and training to deal with all possible situations and multitask between various aircraft functions. Yet they require sufficient RRest before being legally allowed to fly again.

That’s true for us, too. We are so used to our daily schedule that we don’t realize the extent of our tiredness, which can hamper our work ability.

So, the vital tip to improving multitasking is to have sufficient RRest to improve your performance and help you work far better.

16) Self-correction

As in all chores of life, self-correction is very important for improvement. Practicing multitasking will eventually bring out some flaws in your technique that would be unique to you.

Self-correction is no different regarding becoming a better multitasker. Correcting these would eventually add up to huge improvements over time.

Notice and note down things you screwed up while trying to multitask, and also find the time you spent multitasking and compare it with the time you would have spent doing it without multitasking.

17) Review Your Work

Reviews are essential. Some people are just built to work at one thing at a time. If you are doing teamwork, ask your friends how they feel about your work.

You must compare your work with the expected result to improve your multitasking skills. Ask yourself, “Was Improving my Multitasking Skills worth the effort?

Also, are people involved in that task happy with it? If you tried to cook while doing some other job, you might have made food nicely and completed the other work, but in the process, you might have made the kitchen far dirtier, or you might have broken glasses or made too much noise.

Factor in all these parameters, and then try to improve over it.

FAQs – Multitasking Skills

What are multitasking skills?

Multitasking skills give you the ability to do multiple tasks at the same time. They are techniques that help me be more efficient at work and assist in getting job done quickly. Multitasking skills can be learned with practice and our excellent tips.


How do you improve your multitasking skills?

Multitasking isn’t complicated. Many of us don’t multitask because it initially feels tough. Here are three quick tips to improve multitasking skills:

Step 1) Try to do two different tasks simultaneously or constantly switch between 2 functions like a juggler.
Step 2) It is crucial to select jobs involving different organs so the mind can efficiently process signals from both organs.
Step 3) Constantly review your work and find room for improvement with time and good practice. 


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