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Cheat ( Ending )

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Anil said in a sleepy voice
– She is a bad girl. I can’t live with him. He is well dressed for you. That girl is a bad girl with a mask!
Everyone was surprised to hear Anil’s words.
Anil’s younger sister Shimu said in surprise
– How did you know, poor girl? Tell us! Say! Who said tell you?
Anil said again in a sleepy voice
– Hujar of our mosque said!!
Everyone became dumb after hearing Anil’s words! Everyone was silent and looked at Niru’s face. Hearing Anil’s words, Niru’s speech is about to disappear. Niru looks unblinkingly. Niru wants to die. Niru was not ready to hear such words. No matter how bad Anil says, he doesn’t think that much. But Anil pulled the words of the mosque master. The master said to her, Niru is a bad girl. spoiled girl The matter is not in a condition to be discussed now. Nirur is crying a lot. Since yesterday, one after the other, there has been a crash. But all that was mind and body injury. But what happened this morning is not easy to accept. Talking about character. And this is the truth said by the Lord. It needs to be a strict prescription. Because even a thief claims to be a complete person. He can not be called a thief, without character. He is very minded. There is even a possibility of tooth formation.
Rubel Hossain shouted
– Anil shut up. Do you know what you are saying? You dare not talk about someone’s character. And you are talking about Mr. Tell me when the Lord told you!
Anil said
– I don’t know.  Rubel Hossain said angrily
– Tell the master to come home. Let’s talk to the master. Then I will arrange for you. Rubel Hossain sent a message to the master of the mosque to come home. After some time the man came back and told that Huzur left his job yesterday and went to his country house. He will no longer work here. I don’t think there will be another day here.
Hearing this, Rubel Hossain’s suspicion increased. Anil’s words seem true. He thinks that there is a conspiracy going on behind him. He can go to Facebook anytime. Huzur is thinking more about the matter. He now feels that some unknown truth is hidden in Niru which we do not know. But what is the truth?
But Rubel Hossain understands it, Niru is not completely innocent. In any case, Rubel Hossain must know the truth. Rubel Hossain sat in the drawing room with the whole family. Only Anil is missing here.
Rubel Hossain said
– Where is Anil?
Anil’s mother said
Rubel Hossain said nothing. He directly questioned Niru
Do you know why Anil is behaving like this?
Niru bowed his head in response and said, no!
Rubel Hossain said again
– Don’t know if he tortured you for no reason?
Niru does not speak. Stands silently.
Rubel Hossain said annoyed
– Look, there must be a reason. Moreover, so many incidents did not happen. And Anil said about the lord, what is your relationship with him? do you know him
Niru didn’t answer this time either. I want to talk about Niru. But not a word comes out of the mouth.
Rubel Hossain became angry and shouted
– Are you forbidden to speak? Can’t speak? Can’t you hear me?
Niru trembled with fear after hearing so much. Kapa Kapa said in his voice
– I! I, actually!
– Do you say that!!
Niru is not able to speak because of fear. He feels like a mountain is frozen in his throat. Which does not allow the inner voice to come out.
Everyone in the family is looking at Niru. No clear words have been heard from Niru’s mouth yet. Waiting for a clear answer from Niru. But Niru is standing firm in Boba’s justice.
Rubel Hossain said threateningly
– what happened
Niru said again in a hearty voice
– I him!
Niru could not say anything else. In the middle of Niru’s words, Anil said from behind
-What will he say, what I say.
Everyone was surprised to hear Anil’s words. Niru is the most surprised of all. Fear in Niru’s eyes. Both eyes are looking at Anil with a hurt look. There seems to be no other way to protect yourself. But all Anil’s words seem mysterious to Niru.
Rubel Hossain said
– I will not say anything to the contrary.
-No father, I will tell all the truth. If you don’t believe, ask Niru.
Jahanara Begum said
– What do you mean?
Anil was silent for a while and suddenly said
Niru was married once before.
Everyone was confused after hearing Anil’s words. Everyone’s eyes are big. The eyes are raised in the forehead.
Mr. Rubel said
– means?
– It means Niru’s first marriage with Hujur of our mosque. So not Niru!
Anil’s careless words hit Niru’s chest like an arrow. Niru can’t bear anymore. Niru feels that it would have been better to commit suicide before this shameful situation happened. But Niru can’t do that. No one can believe that this unknown truth was hidden in Niru. Everyone thought Niru was a very good girl and got married to Anil.
Niru can’t say anything. It looks like stone.
Anil’s sister said
– Brother, how do you know so much?
– I heard that no one in his father-in-law’s house accepted him after his marriage. And last night I saw Huzur’s picture on Niru’s phone wallpaper. Niru may have forgotten to delete the picture for some reason. After seeing the picture, I asked Niru, who is this man?
Niru did not say at first but later said everything.
Niru had a relationship with that gentleman. Niru runs away from home. Huzur also got married. Then Niru’s family doesn’t accept it. Niru is forcibly brought home. Niru has been doing the screen ever since. Does not go in front of anyone. Does not talk to anyone. That’s exactly what Niru told me.
And that’s why I killed Niru. Because they cheated me. My head was really bad. If someone says it is unfair, then I will say to him, can you stand still if your wife says this on the first night of marriage?
Niru must be trying to commit suicide.
Rubel Hossain’s body hair stood up thinking about it. he said
– Break down the door.
After breaking the door, everyone looked in surprise. There is no word in anyone’s mouth. Niru has put a trap on her throat with her fan. Anil gave a shout. Surprisingly, no one heard the word.  Anil is panting. When people wake up after having a bad dream, they are very disappointed. Anil’s body is wet with sweat. It seems that he has just taken a bath but the water has not been removed yet. Anil looked up and saw the fan spinning at its own speed. He looked to the side and saw that Niru was sleeping. Niru’s body is still covered with a wedding sari. Anil’s eyes rose to his forehead as Niru’s trembling hands turned on the power button! What he saw in the dream is exactly the same!  Anil sleeping with niru. Suddenly he noticed niru’s phone. Anil looked with deep eyes, Niru’s phone wallpaper picture of the Mr. mosques. 

Rezaul Karim
Md Rezaul KarimLast Seen: Jan 16, 2024 @ 1:42pm 13JanUTC

Md Rezaul Karim



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