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Why Diwali is celebrated?

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Disclaimer from Creator: Would like to know some responses that will aid in my comprehension. Helps the next generation understand historical events.

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South India’s Andhra Pradesh is where I was born. Therefore, in my opinion, Diwali was celebrated in honor of Lord Krishna’s victory over Narakasura and the liberation of humanity from his oppressive rule. However, a friend of mine from North India says that Diwali is celebrated to commemorate Lord Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana’s return to Ayodhya following their defeat of Ravana. We are aware that there are various religions practiced in India, and that they may have diverse causes. However, why are there disparate causes for the same religion to celebrate Diwali? Md Shairaf Y5q3 Nk0n10 Unsplash

For example, in Jainism, Diwali commemorates the day on October 15, 527 B.C., when Lord Mahavira attained nirvana or spiritual awakening. According to Sikhism, this Guru Amar Das initiated the festival of lights, whereby all Sikhs would assemble to take in the Guru’s blessings. On this day of Diwali in 1619, the sixth religious leader, Guru Hargobind Singh, who had been held prisoner in the Gwalior Fort by the Mughal Emperor Jehangir, was set free.

The following are some questions that sprang to my mind: 
1. When was Diwali initially discovered?
2. What is the precise date that Lord Krishna and Lord Rama were born?
3. Why do people celebrate Diwali for various reasons while both of them were born in northern India?

The Jain legend states that the lighting of lamps was originally initiated on the day of Mahavira’s nirvana in 527 BCE, when a proclamation was made by the eighteen monarchs present for Mahavira’s last lectures, asking that lamps be lighted in memory of the “great light, Mahavira”.  

According to Hindu legend, on July 21, 3228 BC, Lord Krishna was born. The date of Lord Rama’s birth is January 10, 5114 BC. Rama is older than Krishna in theory. Therefore, the majority of people ought to be familiar with Lord Rama’s story initially.  

India is known for having a diverse population of religious beliefs. The majority of them are aware of this. However, what the other person was unaware of is that individuals belonging to distinct subcastes can also be found within castes, and this phenomenon can be seen in all major religions. For instance, some people celebrate Diwali in honor of Lord Rama’s triumphs because they adore him. Additionally, many are followers of Lord Krishna, and they will commemorate Lord Krishna with celebrations. Diwali is a celebration of light and joy that celebrates several important myths, including the stories of Lord Rama’s return from exile, the appearance of Goddess Lakshmi, the homecoming of the Pandavas, Lord Krishna’s victory against Narakasura, and the victory of Goddess Kali over Raktabija. 

There are untold numbers of additional stories that remain unknown to us. Even though there are numerous reasons, it’s wonderful that we celebrate the festival jointly and show respect for one another’s religions across India.  Jai Hind!Sang Huynh Cmel8ane8jy Unsplash

bear babeLast Seen: Dec 20, 2023 @ 6:48am 6DecUTC

bear babe



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