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Importance of little things in life!


20th December 2023 | 17 Views

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Hello there!

How are you, my folks? I believe you are healthy and happy. 

It feels like I am writing a letter for school. Haha! Sorry. Bad joke. So, ready for a new lesson and big paragraphs of our lives?

I went on a picnic with my loved one on Sunday. We didn’t plan it beforehand (at least I didn’t), but we were free at the same moment and made the decision at random. We took some food with us, and the ride to that spot was serene. It was a lovely place, as there was a gorgeous, lush garden full of trees and lovely butterflies. Obviously, we had to take some photos. Then, we went to a perfect little spot. I swear, it was so peaceful to eat sandwiches and have a good conversation in the cozy winter daylight. Imagine sitting under the slightly warm sunlight, having a spicy-sweet sandwich, and having a good person with whom you can tell everything and who will listen to you. That comfortable feeling is what we felt on that day.

Well, why am I telling you all these goody-goody things? Well, let me tell you another story. I got laid off from work last week. It was disheartening because I was suddenly jobless and without money. How am I going to live? That question was on my mind from that day on. I was crying for the whole day and was not even going outside to get fresh air. I hadn’t even planned anything for my future but now how am I gonna handle my present? Now, our tale has twisted to a depressing end, ha? I was thinking the same thing when we were coming back from that wonderful picnic.

I’m aware that you may have experienced something similar as well. God forbid, nothing so serious, but anything that could have profoundly changed your life in an instant. That’s what I experienced. Something drastically changed and created a new path. Yeah, I am doing something new for my life. Have my responsibilities changed? Nope! I still have the same responsibilities, but did my people change? Nope. And that was depicted in that goody-goody paragraph. Even though my loved one had a lot of work to do or simply wanted to relax on Sunday, they still went above and beyond to cheer me up. A tiny thing like this is of the utmost significance to me. The problem is, sometimes we wait for such big progress in our lives that we don’t even try to enjoy the little positive things happening in our lives. You won’t believe it, but each and every human faces these double things in life, which actually imbalance your peace. Either we win often in each aspect of life and suddenly, when we start facing losses, we cannot handle them, or we have already lost so much in each and every segment of our lives that when we get little victories, we hide behind our fear that this little triumph is just nothing to be celebrated. You tell me, is any of this correct? First and foremost, if we are not going to learn from our losses, how are we supposed to rise again? Moreover, if we rise again and do not celebrate our little winnings, are we not depreciating our success? That’s it. That’s the key to happiness.

Therefore, please enjoy each and every little aspect of your life. When you wake up in the morning, try to be grateful to the superior being for another day. If your loved one made coffee or tea for you, thank them. You got lucky if you had your breakfast on time. Damn, you are God’s child if you get a free seat on the metro, bus, or auto. You are riding your own vehicle to work; how does it feel to be the luckiest one? Try to find a little appreciation for yourself in your daily life for the little things you do. Eventually, you will be able to admire others for their little things for you or for themselves.

I guess, I am done blabbering.


Love and light, always.


PS- Hey! Still there?

If you liked my whole-ass paragraph on little things. Please leave a little appreciation comment.  If you do that, you’ll be in for a lot of dessert 🙂 <3

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