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Do I Deserve ?

Aiyana SharmaLast Seen: Dec 18, 2023 @ 9:02pm 21DecUTC
Aiyana Sharma

19th December 2023 | 1 Views
Milyin » 496452 » Do I Deserve ?

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In a world of dark despair she dwelled,

A girl who shunned love, her heart compelled.

Through desolate days, her soul grew cold,

Lost and lonely, in shadows untold.

She had once loved, believed in its might,

But fate’s cruel hand brought her endless night.

One by one, her dear ones slipped away,

Leaving her broken, a piece led astray.

With every passing day, hope grew thin,

Her spirit waning, ready to rescind.

But in a moment, as the sun did rise,

A man stepped forth, with love in his eyes.

He saw the scars that marred her fragile heart,

And vowed to shield her from love’s cruel art.

With gentle words, he erased her fears,

Brought back the laughter, dried up her tears.

He showed her the beauty in each sunrise,

The magic in starlight before it dies.

He wrapped her in tenderness, pure and rare,

Taking her hand, he led her from despair.

With him, love blossomed like a vibrant bloom,

Filling her soul, dispelling all gloom.

He gifted her joy, the warmth of his touch,

And showed her that love could heal so much.

Through his eyes, she embraced love’s embrace,

A force that defies time and knows no space.

For in the depths of her wounded heart,

A newfound love found a place to restart.

Now, the girl who once mistrusted love’s power,

Is bound to a man who’s her light, her tower.

With him by her side, they brave the unknown,

Their love like a beacon steadily grown.

Oh, to witness the transformation, so grand,

When love rescues a heart from barren lands.

May we all find solace, just as she did,

In love’s tender embrace, forever amid.

Aiyana SharmaLast Seen: Dec 18, 2023 @ 9:02pm 21DecUTC

Aiyana Sharma



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