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Mental Health, A PROCESS

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Mental health is the most common issue which paradoxically is taken for granted by every four out of seven people. 

Keeping brush under the carpet regarding psychological barriers is just futile.

This statement is as true as it is written. Being able to voluntarily speak about one’s own mental health, be it anxiety or anything else is the most powerful thing one can do.

I persist that, 

1. Soldiering on being a good and vocal communicator is the biggest relief one can have.

2. It is completely alright to be sloppy for a while when in agony.

3. People of any age group can have anxiety attacks, the barriers should not be bound to age.

4. When together, we can become free from all the pain.

These statements are just the most basic words put together. But who takes it solemnly? Most people don’t.

Healthy Mental health is not the goal to be focused on, it’s the PROCESS in between that matters.

Mehak Kukreja
Mehak KukrejaLast Seen: Jul 26, 2023 @ 9:02am 9JulUTC

Mehak Kukreja


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