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i know you tried – a short poetry on love triangle

18th December 2023 | 12 Views

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i know you tried to be unaffected by her

when she rekindled the butterflies

that you said only i give you.

i know you fight yourself to not

look her in the eyes ’cause you know

she too reciprocated your feelings.

i know you want to hold me close

when her thoughts creep into your heart

like a midsummer night’s dream.

i know she wraps herself in blankets

of guilt and weeps in her cocoon all night.

i know she hates her with every

ounce of her existence for falling for

the irresistible you; now i can’t really

blame her, can i?

if only i could bottle up your laughter,

i want you to know that i’d get

drunk on it all night.

oh, how much i love you,

i know you love me even more.

maybe that’s why today i wanna let you go…

’cause baby, i know you tried,

i know you tried really hard.




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