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Back Bone of all Artist

Sukarma TharejaLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 6:49pm 18AprUTC
Sukarma Thareja

17th December 2023 | 7 Views
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I am teaching in school. My friend Kesar is art teacher in same school. She is very creative artist. For open house activity of school my friend has put different form of art which she happen to teach in school. There were entries from crayons colours, wax colours, water paint oil paint and spatula painting. 

I also do science arts writing and to make my chemistry lessons effective I with help of students make art educational colleges and some time digital educational collages. I had also put many of chemistry digital educational collages. Those were pleasant surprise for esteem guests of our open house activity of school. On the whole exhibition was much appreciated by visitors . The main reason was how school is helping students in enhancing creativity power. Little paragraph about different form of art being taught in school and special mention was of chemistry educational collage was mentioned in news paper. 

In discussion with students I asked one humble question to student”dear student 1.who is artist one uses hear and spirit as her/his media  of expression in art. 

2.Who is back bone of all little artist who participated in exhibition. 

The question was answered by our intelligent student. He said “madam answer to both above listed questions is ‘TEACHER”

Sukarma TharejaLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 6:49pm 18AprUTC

Sukarma Thareja



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