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From Potential To Greatness

Aloo Denish ObieroLast Seen: Apr 6, 2024 @ 7:02am 7AprUTC
Aloo Denish Obiero

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Potential is untapped power, not defined solely by past performance,
Potential is a latent ability, not useful until put to purposeful action,
Potential is a hidden capacity, not just a measure of immediate success,
Potential is unrealized aptitude, not limited by circumstances.

Potential is a dormant talent, not realized without effort,
Potential is undiscovered strength, not the previous achievement,
Potential is undeveloped skill, not solely determined by genetics,
Potential is the yet-to-be-harnessed reservoir, not useless, but remains so unless utilized.

Potential is a thirst for learning, not stagnant or unchanging,
Potential is the belief in progress, not bound by past limitations,
Potential is a mindset of improvement, not inhibited by fear of failure or self-doubt.
Potential is self-awareness and belief, not constrained by external opinions or societal expectations.

Potential is unexplored opportunity, not fully known until it is tested,
Potential is a seed of possibility, a gateway to greatness not yet fully explored,
Potential is getting out of your comfort zone, not only this but giving your best,
Potential is the YOU that is YET TO BE SEEN, so WHAT in you is yet to be seen, and WHEN?

Aloo Denish ObieroLast Seen: Apr 6, 2024 @ 7:02am 7AprUTC

Aloo Denish Obiero



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