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20th December 2023 | 5 Views
Milyin » 493704 » destiny

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The heartbeat that I can hear.

Is it your or mine?

Before you leave,

Tell me how do I fix a broken heart.

Give me one reason to live

Dont look away from me,

Look into my eyes before leaving.

Make me a promise, Leave me with a prayer.

keep a little space

keep a little space

In your heart for me 

I shall conceal even my tears

If your happiness lies in it,

IF THE world asks me for the reason.

I shall make an excuse.

I hope you get everything you want.

This is my plea.

I will survive without you,dear,

but I will be destroyed.

Ishall wait for the moment

until the time I DIE 

That os all I had to say,

we were destined.

to be together this far

the heartbeat that i can hear.

is it your or mine?

arohi mimtajLast Seen: Jan 6, 2024 @ 2:39pm 14JanUTC

arohi mimtaj



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