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15th December 2023 | 4 Views
Milyin » 492445 » Farewell

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To the world I have long called home

To the evil I have seen on my own

To the pain I have felt for long

To the freedom I never really owned

To the faces I have always known

I bid you farewell 

To the beauty of the sunset

To nature whose beauty is eloquent 

To the happiness I have failed to have

To the people for whom I once cared

To the peace I may never have

I bid you farewell 

From dust I came

Through her I became

Back to dust she returned 

One as they were

With the earth were they reunited

To dust I shall return 

From within the earth shall I find 

My new dwelling place

Smiles long departed

Hearts grieved 

Souls troubled

Happiness forgotten 

Nations rejoicing

This I jave been living

Therefore I bid you farewell 

Ooh dear mother and father

Where have you gone

Call me from where you are

Let me be one with you

In this world I cannot

I bit the world farewell 

How great shall be their joy

To learn of my absence 

From their perfect world

With it I grant them freedom 

I bid them farewell 

To the one I loved most

This freedom I give to you

Take it not for granted

It comes from a place of love

It comes from a place of care

Mine you shall always be

Though I bid you farewell 

With fake smiles and laughter

I count the days to my departure 

I have said my farewell 

What is is left 

A question I once asked

An answer did I not get

If I leave today 

Will you mourn for me

Will you miss me

Will you be hurt

Or is it good riddance 

I bid you farewell 

B ShapsLast Seen: Jan 1, 2024 @ 11:07am 11JanUTC

B Shaps


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