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Last Breath

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Chapter 1

In a cold night, birds chirping looking at the sky. The dark phase of moon at the the beach shining like a warning to the life. A dead body was lying on the edge of the road surroundings atmosphere is mourning at the black night. A car passed by suddenly stopped and the two men’s started shouting by taking a name “Sia.. Sia..Sia..”. A muscular young man dropped out of the car and ordered his bodyguards’ to find her sister as soon as possible. They split into two ways to find her but they didn’t find a clue.

A frustrated ken holding a gun ran towards the people across by the road. The people were refused to identify his sister. In between the road ken bent towards the ground mourning by calling her name “Sia… where are you, look i am here, your brother is here to take you home, Sia….. do you hear me… where are you?”

That day sia escaped out of the house leaving her only family ken alone. Sia doesn’t want to marry, she has dreams to fulfill by working hard. Her financial conditions was getting worst day by day. One day, a women come up with the offer to meet her brother manipulated to resolve their issues by having a  mutual contract of marriage, she was none another  the secretary of Huan Group of industry.  The very next day a meeting held between ken and juan the boss of the haun company.

M PLast Seen: Dec 14, 2023 @ 4:45pm 16DecUTC




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