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Burning inside

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Disclaimer from Creator: It’s my creation regarding love story of a poor boy.

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Prince observed the band that his more than 100 vehicles with different band logs were lying needlessly neglected. He still remembers his mother saying, all these cars and dozens of helicopters are noisy as gifts from relatives on my 2nd, 3rd birthdays. These were very special to the Prince. Prince is now his young . Every year the mother only celebrates the Prince’s birthday but domestically. No days, no guests. So no more expensive gifts came. After Prince’s father died, their situation worsened. One day Prince thought that I am not child anymore to play. playing time is over. So ,he would like to give these toys to poor children instead of displaying them in a showcase. His father died when Prince was seven years old. After his father died, his mother had to take all the responsibilities of the family. She started to work. The distance from the city to the Prince’s house is about twenty kilometres . Mother would go to work at morning and would return evening every day.The prince was waiting and looking for a way to spend time with his grandmother until she came back from school. Several years. Prince is now a student. his mother left 50 rupees on his reading table every day for bus rent to go school. 30 taka bus fare and 20 taka local can be private. From them it was far to give a person and bus stand hence called hill side bus stop. But sometimes Prince’s classmates not knowing, lake side Prince’s home. Every day he used to wait for the bus from the lake side bus stop to the hill side bus stop. He came from home here under the cover of the hill which is situated on the side of the road. Now the question is why? There are two reasons. First of all, Prince could reduce the bus fare by almost 60% and the most special reason is – Jannat. Jannat also boarded the bus from Hillside Bus Stop. Prince always went ahead and sat in the seat next to Jannat. Everyone knew that they liked each other, so even if they moved away, many of them would would leave seat for them to sit next to each other. Of course, they like each other, but neither has told anyone yet. Prince never let anyone understand his weak position. He could keep himself very tidy.

Rezaul Karim
Md Rezaul KarimLast Seen: Jan 16, 2024 @ 1:42pm 13JanUTC

Md Rezaul Karim



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