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My not so perfect teenage

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Disclaimer from Creator: So, I experienced all this in my mid teenage and all of the things are true and I'm a very shy person. So, I hope you all can relate with me.And this gonna be in a form of novel(but entertaining).

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First let me introduce you to some characters who are very important in this journey.

San(  ):- A very shy and self conscious person. 

June:-A very hyperactive social butterfly who is campus goddess. 

Alex:- A very nice friend of San as well as June.

Bob:-A genuine but sarcastic friend of San and alex.

Season 1:-

When Summer break ends and middle school begins. Everyone was filled with joy as after 6 months they will be high students so they all started to care how they look, talk even how they eat.

Amidst all this San who was a nerd was just sitting in one corner of class was bewitched by the sudden changes around him but he didn’t care to think about. Suddenly, June who was  school goddess enters his class and when San saw her he felt something. San and June were friends  for 4 years and he never felt anything like that.

The bell rang and the teacher introduced a  new tall dark handsome guy to the class as their classmate his name was alex.

Alex was good in everything he got both looks and brain and he was even a nation rugby player.

Now, San was insecure as he saw how time passed and alex became friends with June while whenever he try to approach June San always felt nervous. 

Now,He first observed her and noticed what she likes or hates. San being a cunning person befriended alex for his own need while not knowing one day they will be best buddy who will share their good and bad time with each other.

San casually asked if alex liked June to which alex replied no but he was unconvinced and asked so why he talks to her so much to which alex said he likes June friend Samantha.

San knowing this felt good but there was still a problem that June was the campus goddess while San was a fat chubby guy.

San who always heard that he is good looking was confident and never thought that he have to do any work on himself.

One day he heard from a teacher that June is dating someone from basketball club.

This infuriated San and he was trying hard to control this outburst of emotions. He left the school early that day and didn’t come after that

San was good at basketball and his teacher really liked him. So,he began training with his teacher to distract his mind from june and within three months San who was a chubby guy turned into a guy who has well chiseled body as well as face. 

San YangLast Seen: Feb 7, 2024 @ 6:03pm 18FebUTC

San Yang



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