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Lately, I’ve been thinking
What if this is me?
Not filled with sadness or sinking
But simply numb and empty

Is this who I’ve always been
Hiding behind a mask of despair

Using depression as a screen
To cover up the truth I can’t bear

Maybe it’s not a temporary state
But the nature of who I am
Drained and lifeless, I can relate
To being a miserable human

It’s not a cry for help
Or a plea for sympathy
Just an acceptance of myself
And my true identity

I’ve been chasing happiness
But maybe it’s not meant for me
My soul is filled with emptiness
And that’s just how it’s meant to be

I’ll stop pretending to be fine
And embrace my inner gloom
For this is who I am, it’s not a crime
To be a flower that never blooms

So I’ll stop fighting against the tide
And learn to float in this sea of pain
For maybe this is just my ride
And I’ll find beauty in the rain

No longer will I hide
Behind a facade of depression
For being numb and drained
Is simply my natural expression

And maybe one day I’ll see
That there’s beauty in being me
A lifeless, miserable being
But one that’s finally free.

MuskanLast Seen: Jan 5, 2024 @ 8:35pm 20JanUTC




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