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Meban Pde

13th December 2023 | 1 Views
Milyin » 490757 » ‘Love’

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Pexels Gabriel Bastelli 1759823In love’s embrace, hearts intertwine, A dance of souls, a love so fine. Whispers soft as a gentle breeze, Unveiling tales that hearts release.

Through moonlit nights and sunlit days, Love weaves its spell in countless ways. A symphony of laughter, joy untold, In love’s warm glow, two hearts unfold.

Yet, love’s journey may have its trials, A test of hearts, enduring miles. But in the crucible of time, Love’s flame burns bright, a radiant climb.

Through seasons changing, love remains, A constant force, breaking chains. In every smile, in tear-streaked eyes, Love’s magic, eternal, never denies.

So let love be the guiding light, A beacon strong in the darkest night. For in the tapestry of life’s grand art, Love’s the masterpiece that sets hearts apart.

Meban PdeLast Seen: Dec 18, 2023 @ 10:25am 10DecUTC

Meban Pde



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