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The eleventh month

Remya PrinceLast Seen: Dec 30, 2023 @ 11:29am 11DecUTC
Remya Prince

12th December 2023 | 2 Views
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The eleventh month

I wish if I could turn into that soft spoken girl once again.

I wish if I can rewind the time and get completely lost in my memories.

I wish to be a carefree girl without any responsibilities.

I wish if I could meet my friends and chill out once again.

I know this is just a dream. My childhood memories takes me back to the place where I have spent my childhood.

It’s in Mumbai where I have spent my school days. My favourite place where I learned to dream.

My father never afforded to have our own flat in Mumbai and we lived in rented flats. Every eleventh month we had to shift flats. As a child, I enjoyed living in different houses. I never thought of my parent’s hardships while doing so.

I remember that I felt happy for a new flat the same way I loved having a new dress. I was a free bird then. The only thing that I was interested in was roaming with my friends and of course in my studies. Yes I was the class topper !

I was a very silent girl. Everyone used to called me ‘soft spoken girl.’ I never talked to anyone except my friends.

One day when one of my friend’s mom asked me,

“Do you stay in a rented flat?”

“Is your father so poor…then how come he is sending you to such a big school?”

I felt so bad when she asked me all these questions. I went to my house asked my mom.

“Are we so poor amma?”

“Why, what happened…why these type of questions in your mind?” Amma asked.

I narrated everything to her.

“We are not that rich dear, your father have to pay the rent of the shop and the flat every month.”

“There are many more expenses that we have to bear every month”

She said with a smile.

From that day I dreamt of a house that is our own. A house that is a permanent one. Where we can stay after the eleventh month…and so many coming months.

From that day I felt bad when months passed and the eleventh month is near. I hated the eleventh month when we shifted houses.

My childhood dream was my own house from where no one would ever ask us to shift.

It took many more years to turn this dream into a reality.


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– Remya Prince

Remya prince
Remya PrinceLast Seen: Dec 30, 2023 @ 11:29am 11DecUTC

Remya Prince


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