Smart Phone Addiction (cartoon)


12th December 2023 | 4 Views

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Can you imagine life without Automation? Did it feel like I am asking you to stop breathing!?

Yes. For most of us life without automation will be full of confusion and commotion. Technology has taken hold of us completely. There’s not even iota of doubt or disagreement about it. There are very few I guess can manage their life without technology. And I believe these Tarzans exist in miniscule proportions around the globe. And I don’t have any idea about their numbers as I haven’t researched on them. But yeah, apparently you may find them in Amazon jungles. But coming to the ones living in the city and also in the village to some extent, usage of electronic items has increased manifolds from the past decade. Everybody from a coolie to a CEO of a company holds a cell phone albeit a different kind.  But that shouldn’t matter as we the emphasis here is on technology and not on the other aspects.

Our dependence on phone, refrigerator, automobiles, television and other automated devices has spiked up so much that we have become so crippled to even think that life can exist beyond these things. I myself stopped writing on paper. I write in the note pad in my mobile. I lost touch with writing on paper. When I see children playing in mobile apps, instead of playing on the ground I feel so sorry for them. I feel blessed that my childhood was spent on playing on the rough grounds, hurting my feet, racing against my peers. And at nights when electricity went off (which was often in those times) the shrills and shouts of children in the apartments in excitement that sudden darkness brought in, made me feel darkness was more fun than light.

Ironically I’m writing this on mobile rather on paper. More emotions would have spilled if I would have written on paper. So this not preachy thingy thing. This is an expression or should I say more of a dialogue between me and with whoever is reading it. I’m not against automation. In fact I like technology and innovations. I really feel so small when I compare myself with researchers and scientists who come up with great innovations that help society. But there a downslide too to most of the innovations. We need to keep a tab on them and not let it flood us with its incredible power to subdue us. We are stronger than it. Let us not be so weak and give in to its temptations and get arrested by its charms. The tantalizing lures of automation is growing and is bound to grow even more. There’s no stop button to it. You cannot stop scientists from doing their work, you can only stop yourself from falling into the trap of vicissitude. But as I already said automation is neither good nor bad. It depends on how we use it and to the extent we use it.


By Revathy




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