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264.On which date India got the status of jurisdiction – August 15, 1947
265.Gandhiji was a true supporter of- cottage industries.
266.In whose failure Swaraj Party was formed later- Non-Cooperation Movement
267.Motilal Nehru and Chittaranjan Das were founding members of- the Swaraj Party
268.Whom was the Round Table Conference held in London to discuss – the future Constitution of India
269.Who was the first woman President of Congress- Mrs. Annie Besant
270.When the Mountbatten Plan of Independence was accepted, who was the President of the Indian National Congress at that time – Archai J.B. Kripalani
271.Which party was founded by Subhash Chandra Bose after leaving the Indian National Congress – Forward Block
272.Who was the founder of Azad Hind Fauj- Subhash Chandra Bose
273.Subhash Chandra Bose hoisted the flag of the Indian National Army in a city on April 12, 1944, which state is currently in which state – Manipur
274.How many delegates attended the first session of the Indian National Congress – 72
275.Who was the founder of Indian National Congress- A.O. Hume
276.Khilafat Movement movement was started to protest against the humiliation of the- Turkish Khalifa
277.In 1916, Indian National Congress and Muslim League came close to each other – in Lucknow
278.Where and in what year was the split between the soft party and the hot party – in 1907 Surat session of the Congress
279.Lala Lajpat Rai was protesting against whom when he became a victim of police brutality – Simon Commission
280.Poona agreement was signed between Mahatma Gandhi and- B. R. Ambedkar
281.Homerule League was established during- World War I
282.Muslim League was founded in which year – 1906
283.The nationalist leaders of India boycotted the Simon Commission because- all the members of the commission were British.
284.Who was the founder of ‘Servants of India Society’ – G.K. Gokhale
285.The High Court of Calcutta, Madras and Bombay came into existence during the tenure of which Viceroy – Lord Canning
286.Who was Bal Gangadhar Nilak called his political guru- Dadabhai Naoroji
287.When was the Gandhi-Ivrin agreement signed – March 5, 1931
288.Who was the chairman of the State Reorganization Commission which recommended re-demarcation of states on linguistic basis- Fazal Ali
289.Gandhiji was influenced by whose writings- Leo Tolstoy
290.Who coined the term Satyagraha – Gandhi 291.Who went to meet Gandhiji in South Africa-
Gopal Krishna Gokhale
292.Where did Mahatma Gandhi go to run the
Satyagraha movement among the workers of
cotton textile factories in 1918 – Ahmedabad 293.From which movement did Mahatma Gandhi
enter Indian politics – Champaran movement 294.The only AICC headed by Gandhiji. Where was
the convention held- Belgaum
295.Where did the Salt Satyagraha end – Dandi 296.In 1939, Subhash Chandra Bose was elected
President of the Congress Party by defeating-
Pattabhi Sitaramayya
297.Why was the Cabinet Mission sent to India – to
set up a constitutional system for transfer of
298.What was the main reason for starting the Quit
India Movement in 1942 – failure of Cripps
299.Quit India movement was started in 1942 –
300.Where was the parallel government formed
during the Quit India Movement- Ballia 301.Gandhi adjourned after the Chaura-Chauri
scandal- Non-cooperation movement 302.Where did the Indian National Congress pass its famous resolution of non-cooperation in its
session held in 1920 – in Calcutta
303.What were the three main forms of Satyagraha –
non-cooperation, civil disobedience and
304.Gandhiji’s visit to Dandi is an example of which –
civil disobedience
305.In which snake salt satyagraha was started – in
306.Gandhiji started a movement in violation of the
Salt Law, which was called – Civil Disobedience
307.In which session of the Indian National Congress
Purna Swaraj was announced – Lahore 308.Who was the first president of independent India
– G.V. Mavalankar
309.Who was the founder of the concept of Sarvodaya
– Mahatma Gandhi
310.Where was Christopher Columbus – Jinoa 311.What is the meaning of non-interference policy –
removal of certain restrictions

312.Who founded the Banaras Hindu University- Madan Mohan Malviya
313.”Where there is no law, there is no freedom”. Where was it – John Locke
314.The methods of democratic socialism – explain and propagate
315.Who was the co-founder member of Russia’s Papulist movement ‘Anarchism’ – Mikhail Bacunin
316.Who built the Great Wall of China- Shih Huang Tee
317.Karl Marx’s book Das Capitol was published in- 18
318.In which fight did the final defeat of Napoleon France – Battle of Trafalgar
319.By whose fall did the French Revolution begin – Bastille
320.Boston Tea Party incident is related to – American Independence War
321.Between whom was the Crimean War fought in 1854–1856 – with the United Kingdom against Germany
322.By which treaty the First World War ended – Treaty of Versailles
323.Who was the oldest British king / queen to sit on the throne – Queen Mary Tudor
324.Bhimbetka cave in which state- Madhya Pradesh 325.The streets of the cities of the Indus Valley
Civilization were- Chady and Sidhi.
326.The ruins of Harappa and Mohenjodaro are found on the banks of which river – Harappa on the banks of Ravi and Mohenjodaro on the banks
of the Indus.
327.Which script of Indus Valley Civilization is-
328.Which is the largest building in Mohenjodado –
329.Whose idol was an important composition of the
people of the Indus Valley – the dancing girl 330.Which are the port cities of Indus Valley
Civilization- Lothal
331.The strength of the Indus economy was- Trade 332.Shortugui (Indus Valley Civilization) is in which
country – Afghanistan
333.The meaning of the word Veda is – Knowledge 334.Varna system in early Vedic period is based on-
335.Who was the first European to call Aryo a caste-
336.Which tribal assembly was normally involved in
the election of tribal chieftain- committee
337.In the Vedic era, what the king used to collect
from his people, what was he called- Bali 338.Satyameva Jayate engraved on Indian emblem is
taken – from Mundakopanishad.
339.Which marriage was not considered legal in ancient India – Gandharva marriage
340.Buddha was related to which dynasty – Shakya 341.Where did Buddha give his first sermon –
342.Coins made of metal first appeared in the time of
343.In which language were the early Buddhist
literature – Pali
344.In Buddhism, what is the relation of ‘Bull’ with
the- life of Buddha- Birth
345.Buddha Dhamma and Sangha together are called
– Triratna
346.What is called a semi-circular structure with
domed roofs built on the sacred remains of
Buddhists- Stupa
347.In which year Buddha died – 483 BC 348.Among the eras of Indian history, during which
Kshatriyas held a distinct identity – in the era of
349.Who is the founder of Jainism in India- Mahavir
350.Where did Vardhman Mahavir obtain
Parinirvana- Pava
351.Who was the famous ruler of ancient India, who
adopted Jainism in the last days of his life-
352.In the sixth century BCE, who had a huge stock in
Magadha – iron
353.Name the kingdom that first used elephants in war
– Magadha
354.herodotas is considered the- father of history 355.Whose army competed with the Greek ruler
Alexander on the banks of the river Jhelum –
356.Where did Chandragupta Maurya spend his last
days- Shravanabelagola
357.Who was the son of Bindusara – Ashoka 358.Which would be the most accurate description of
Mauryan monarchy under Ashoka – enlightened
arbitrary rule
359.Who was the person whose name was Devanam
Priyadarshi- Maurya King Ashoka
360.In which year Kalinga war took place – 261 BC 361.In which rock edict, Ashoka mentions the
casualties of Kalinga war and declares war
renunciation – Shila Rajadesh XIII
362.What was the name of the ambassador of Greece
in the Maurya court – Megasthenes
363.Ashoka adopted Buddhism by being influenced
by which Buddhist monk- Upagupta
364.Which was the most famous center of education
during Mauryan period- Taxila
365.Who wrote the Arthashastra – Kautilya 366.Who and when did Ashoka’s inscriptions first
clarify the meaning- 1837- James Prinsep

367.Soon after the Maurya dynasty, which dynasty came and ruled the kingdom of Magadha – Sunga
368.Charaka was the monarch of which- Kanishka 369.Which art is also known as Greco Buddhist art –
Gandhara art
370.In which year Kanishka ascended the throne – 78
371.Who was the Kushan ruler of Buddhism –
372.Who was a great ruler of Kalinga in ancient times-
373.Kalinga ruler Kharavel gave protection – to
374.Gupta king who assumed the title of
Vikramaditya – Chandragupta II
375.Silver coins of Gupta period are called- Rupyak 376.Who was called Lichhavi Dauitra –
377.Which Hindu king is famous on the name of
Indian Napoleon – Samudragupta
378.From which year did the famous Gupta Samvat
begin – 319 AD
379.Who built the Allahabad Pillar Inscription –
380.Who compiled the stories of Panchatantra –
Vishnu Sharma
381.Varahamihira was an- ancient astronomer. 382.Who was the Chola king who took the Ganges
from north to south – Rajendra Chola
383.Most of the Chola temples are dedicated to which
deity- Shiva
384.Chola dynasty ruled mostly in which part of India
– South
385.Which Chola ruler had conquered the northern
part of Sri Lanka and made it a province of his
empire- Rajaraja
386.Which Chola ruler built the new capital
Gangaikonda Cholapuram – Rajendra I. 387.Where was the capital of ancient Chola empire –
388.Who built the Kailashnath Temple at Ellora –
389.Ellora has caves and rock-cut temples – Hindu,
Buddhist and Jain
390.Sapta Pagoda of Mahabalipuram is a witness to
the art preserved by- Pallavas
391.The famous Kailash temple cut by solid rock at
Ellora was constructed under the protection of-
392.During the reign of which Pallava ruler, a long
struggle had begun between the Pallavas and the
Chalukyas – Mahendra Varman.
393.Rath temples were built in Mahabalipuram during
the reign of which Pallava ruler – Narasimana Varman I
394.Who was the famous ruler of Western Chalukya dynasty- Pulakeshin II
395.In whom is the Bhoomi Maam of the second Pandyan kingdom mentioned – Thalavipuram copper plates
396.Who was the author of Vikramankadevacharit – Bilhan
397.The author of Kandabari, a great romantic Nabak was- Banabhatta
398.Who built the famous Dilwara temple in Mount Abu, Rajasthan in the 13th century- Tejpal
399.Which religions / religions have temples in Khajuraho group of monuments in Madhya Pradesh – both Hindu and Jain
400.Mihir Bhoj belongs to which clan of Rajputs – Pratihara
401.Who had defeated Harshvardhan – Pulakeshin II 402.Where was the initial capital of Harshavardhana-
403.Four ‘Maths’ were established at Sringeri,
Badrinath, Dwarka and Puri – by Adi Shankara 404.Arabs were defeated in 738 AD – Pratiharas 405.Who built the Sun Temple of Konark –
Narasimhadeva I
406………… became the capital during the time of
Tomar Rajputs- Delhi
407.Sultan Mahmud was the ruler of- Ghazni
408.In which war was Prithviraj Chauhan defeated by
Muhammad Ghori – Tarain, in 1192 AD 409.Which famous ruler had completed Qutub Minar
– Iltutmish
410.Who was the first Sultan of Delhi to issue regular
currency and declare Delhi as the capital of his
empire – Iltutmish
411.Who is credited with the destruction of
Chihalgani, a group of powerful nobles – Balban 412.Who was the first Delhi Sultan to dissolve the power of Turkish feudals known as Chihalgani or
Forty- Balban
413.Who was the first woman ruler of India – Razia
414.Khilji Sultan of Delhi was- Turk.
415.The largest permanent army of the Sultanate
dynasty, which was directly paid by the state, was
formed- Alauddin Khilji
416.Market Regulation System was introduced – by
Alauddin Khilji
417.Whom India Parrot Goes- Amir Khusro 418.For what reason Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq was a
failed man – because he was not a practical
419.Who started the symbol money of leather in India
– Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq
420.Who was the Delhi Sultan to impose jizya on
Brahmo- Ferozeshah Tughlaq

421.Where did the traveler Ibn Batuta come from – Morocco
422.Qutub Minar as we see it today was finally rebuilt – by Firoz Tughlaq
423.Sultans of which dynasty ruled for the longest time – Tughlaq dynasty
424.Which dynasty comes under the rule of Tughlaq dynasty in India- Syed dynasty
425.When did the reign of Delhi Sultanate end – 1526 AD
426. Which art progressed the most during the Sultanate period – Architecture
427.Shivaji’s contemporary Maratha saint’s name was- Sant Tukaram
428.The rulers of Vijayanagar encouraged – Tamil, Telugu, and Sanskrit.
429.In 1420 AD, the name of the traveler in Italy who came to the Vijayanagara Empire was- Niccolo de Conti
430.Which book was written by Krishna Dev Rai – Amukt Malyad
431.The medieval city of Vijayanagar is nowadays called- Hampi
432.When was the famous battle of Talikota in- 1565 AD
433.Who among the Bahman rulers built the famous Gol Gumbaz at Bijapur – Muhammad Adilshah
434.Bijapur is famous for what – Gol Gumbaz 435.Who built the Victory Pillar in Chittorgarh – Rana
436.The famous Kohinoor diamond was extracted
from the Kis Khan- Golconda
437.In which year was the first battle of Panipat fought
– 1526
438.In which language did Babar write his memoirs
titled Tujuk-e-Babri – Turkish
439.The Rajput king who was defeated by Babur in
the Battle of Khanwa was- Rana Sanga 440.Who built ‘Purana Quila’ in Delhi- Sher Shah
441.In which fight Humayun had to flee India after the
defeat- Kannau
442.Who built Humayun’s tomb in Delhi- Haji Begu 443.Under whom did the meritorious revenue officer
Todermal serve – Sher Shah
444.What was the age of Akbar at the time of the
coronation in Kalanaur – thirteen years 445.Who did the Persian translation of Mahabharata-
446.Who wrote the story on Akbar’s life- Abul Fazl 447.The original purpose of making Di-e-Elahi was-
448.Who started the mansabdari system- Akbar 449.Who built Fatehpur Sikri – Akbar
450.Where did Akbar conduct his religious
deliberations – Ibadat Khana
451.Who was his regent in the early days of Akbar- Bairam Khan
452.Which ruler had abolished Jiziya tax- Akbar 453.Who was the famous revenue minister of Akbar –
454.What was the original name of the most famous
musician Tansen in the court of Akbar- Ramtanu
455.Tulsidas wrote Ramcharitmanas under whose
reign- Akbar
456.Nur Jahan was the wife of which Mughal ruler-
457.Painting during which reign reached its highest
level – Jahangir
458.Which Mughal emperor prohibited the use of
tobacco – Jahangir
459.Which Mughal emperor moved the Mughal
capital from Agra to Delhi – Shah Jahan 460.The world famous ‘Takht-e-Taus’ was kept in which Mughal building – in the mad man of the
Red Fort of Delhi
461………. was imprisoned by Aurangzeb for the rest
of his life- Shah Jahan
462.Which Mughal emperor is known as “Zinda Pir”-
463.The court language of the Mughal rulers was-
464.Where is Bibi Ka Maqbara located in India – in
465.In which century Delhi’s Jama Masjid was built –
466.A rupee coin was minted during the reign of Kiss-
Sher Shah Suri
467.Where did Sher Shah die – in Kalinjar
468.Who was the Guru of Shivaji- Ramdas 469.Who was sent by Aurangzeb to defeat Chhatrapati
Shivaji – Raja Jassingh
470.How many times did Shivaji loot Surat- twice 471.Shivaji was crowned in – 1674 AD.
472.From which European power did Shivaji obtain
ammunition and ammunition – bought from the
French, Portuguese and British.
473.Who was famous as Nana Saheb – Balaji Bajirao 474.Who was the ruler of Delhi at the time when
Ahmad Shah Abdali defeated the Marathas in the
third battle of Panipat in 1761 – Shah Alam II 475.Peshwa Prathava was completed by the British
during the period of which Peshwa – Bajirao II 476.Which English ship was the first in India- Red
477.At which place in Bengal was the East India
Company permitted to trade and build a factory in
1651 by the Mughals – Kasim Bazar
478.The discovery of the sea route to India is
attributed to the – Portuguese.

479.Who discovered the route of ‘Cape of Good Hope’ to India – Vasco di Gama
480.The greatest Portuguese governor to lay the real foundation of Portuguese power in India was- Albuquerque
481.Bahadur Shah, the ruler of Gujarat was killed in the conflict with whom- Portuguese
482.During his rule, the British kept forcing farmers to grow ……… in Madras – rice
483.Akal Takht was built by – Guru Hargobind 484.Where was Guru Nanam Dev born – Talwandi 485.Which Sikh Guru had called himself ‘True
Emperor’ – Guru Arjun Dev
486.The political capital of Ranjit Singh was Lahore.
Which city is called its religious capital-
487.Which Governor-General had welcomed Ranjit
Singh with great respect at Ropd – William
488.In which fight was Nadir Shah defeated the
Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah – Karnal 489.Who was the Governor General in the Second
Anglo-Mysore War – Warren Hastings 490.Where were the Nawabs of Murshid Quli Khan,
Ali Vardi Khan and Siraj-ud-Daula – Bengal 491.Where did the black-hole tragedy take place-
492.Who was the Nawab of Bengal during the Battle
of Plassey – Siraj-ud-daula
493.In which year did the British merge Punjab under
their rule – in 1849 AD
494.Who was the founder of ‘Arya Samaj’ – Dayanand
495.Who gave the slogan ‘Return to the Vedas’ –
Dayanand Saraswati
496.Who first introduced the idea of basic education-
Mahatma Gandhi
497.Who founded Mohammedan Anglo Oriental
College in Aligarh – Sir Syed Ahmad Khan 498.A historical movement was organized against
Raja Ram Mohan Roy- Sati system
499.Who founded the ‘Asiatic Society’ in Kolkata in
colonial India- William Jones
500.The meaning of Sarvdayya is – uplift of all. 501.Who was the founder of Satya Shodhak Sabha in
Maharashtra – Jyotiba Phul

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