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History one liner part 1

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History joke
1. Where does the early time of history go – Paleolithic period
2. In which period stone apparatuses were first found – Paleolithic period
3. Which development is well known for its city arranging – Indus Valley Progress
4. The mouth of the Indus Valley Civilization was situated on the banks of the Indus Waterway Mohenjodado
5. What was the neighborhood name of Mohenjodaro – hill of the dead
6. Where was the tremendous shower found-Mohenjodaro
7. Love of Mother was connected with Indus Valley
8. Which development had the boat Malghat at the
place called Lothal – Indus Valley
9. In the Indus Valley Civilization, Kalibanga was
popular for – pottery
10. The fundamental food of the Vedic Aryans was-milk
also, its items.
11. Which metal was first utilized by Vedic individuals
12. Which three Vedas are mutually called ‘Vedatrayi’ –
Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda
13. Arya was effective in his battles with the
Aryans, as he-utilized the chariot show to the pony.
14. This is affirmed by the way that the Rigvedic Aryans were pastoralists – there are various references to cows in the Rigveda, the majority of the conflicts were battled for cows, gifts given to ministers
were much of the time cows and not land.
15. Where is the most seasoned settlement of Aryan Janjans –
24. In which early Buddhist texts were made – Pali text
25. The earliest Buddhist composition in India is-Vamsathapakasini
26. Where did Buddha get edification Acknowledged 27. “Want is the reason for all agonies” Which is the
religion advancing it-Buddhism
28. Who was Mahavir – 24th Tirthankara
29. Who is accepted to be the main Tirthankara of
30. What is Jain writing – Ang
31. Well known Jain focuses are situated in South India-
32. The most established iron time in India is related with-
painted dark ceramics.
33. Which first ruler was liable for the ascent of
34. In the old times, the language used to compose the
source material was – Sanskrit
35. Alexander (Alexander) and Porus battled –
36. The name of the strict text of the Jews is –
Musa Sahib
37. Mahabhashya composed Pantjali
38. Who was to deliver the Greeks once again from India –
Chandragupta Maurya
39. Who was the child of Chandragupta Maurya –
40. Where was the aggravation in the hour of
Bindusara – in Taxila
41. Which occasion achieved a colossal change in
Ashoka’s regulatory arrangement – Kalinga war 42. Who is renowned by the name of Devanampriya-
43. After the Kalinga war, who recorded the
change of Maharaj Ashoka – Rock Addix Sapta Sindhu Gpp
16. In which subtleties of the crowning celebration function have been finished – Aitareya Brahmin
17. Where is the well known Gayatri Mantra got from – Rigveda
18. Which Vidushi tested the strong Yajnavalavya in the discussion Gargi
19. The origin of Gautama Buddha is recorded by-“Rummindei Point of support” of Ashok Maurya
20. Where was the principal Buddhist gathering held –
21. Buddha implies edification
22. Buddhism left a significant impact by
interfacing two areas of the general public with them
– ladies and Shudra.
23. What convictions does Buddhism accept – the world
is brimming with distresses, on the off chance that wants are survived, nirvana will be accomplished, individuals experience because of their cravings.
44. The Greek representative shipped off the court of Chandragupta Maurya was-Megasthenes
45. Who has composed Indica – Megasthenes
46. Chandragupta Maurya’s well known Master Chanakya
was connected with which focus of learning – Taxila 47. Whose contemporary was the creator of
financial aspects – Chandragupta Maurya
48. In which content is Ashoka’s Shilakh engraved –
49. Which renowned ruler was known as the ‘father of
engravings’ – Ashoka
50. Who was endemic during the standard of Maurya
tradition – Area Chairman
51. Who was the last leader of Maurya administration
52. What is Milindapanho – Buddhist text
53. By what name is the craftsmanship school created in-the
Kushan period

54. Created from the combination of Indian and style – Gandhara workmanship
55. Name the popular ruler of Kushan tradition Kanishka
56. Who and when did the Knife Samvat start – Kanishka in 78 CE
57. Under whose rule the Gandhara style of workmanship prospered – Kanishka
58. Lord Kharvel was the best leader of which Chedi administration Kalinga
59. Who was the best leader of Satavahana – Gautamiputra Shatkarni
60. Who introduced a sans rust iron point of support in Mehrauli – Gupta
61. Chandragupta Dwitiya and by what name was he known – Vikramaditya
62. Harishen was the lord of which ruler Samudragupta
63. India’s exchange with the Roman Realm finished with the intrusion of Rome by-the Huns.
64. Most metal coins were given during the Gupta time frame – Gold
65. Where does Napoleon of India go in view of his triumphs – Samudragupta
66. Whose accomplishments are depicted in the Allahabad Point of support engraving Samudragupta
67. Fahman came to India during whose rule
Chandragupta Dwitiya
68. Who is the creator of Meghdoot – Kalidas
69. In whose court Dhanvantari, the popular doctor
of old India, offered his guidance Chandragupta
70. During whose rule Ajanta caves were assembled –
71. Portray the focal point of Roman exchange during the
Sangam period – Arikamedu
72. Which Chola lord Rajendra held the title-Pandit
Chola, Mudikond, Gangaikad
73. As per the various classes of land
referenced in the Chola engravings, whom were
given to Jain establishments – Pallichandam
74. Which Chola ruler had first vanquished Lanka –
Rajaraja I
75. Data connected with whose organization is
found in the Uttammerur engraving Chola
76. Chola lords controlled Tamil Nadu.
77. Which was the early capital of Rashtrakutas –
78. Who assembled the popular Shiva sanctuary of Ellora –
Rashtrakuta ruler Krishna.
79. Which book was composed by Ruler Amoghavarsh
of Rashtrakuta – Kaviraj Marg
80. The most getting through commitment of Rashtrakutas
was-the three writers of Kannada verse, Pampa, Ponna and Ranna, and the Kailash sanctuary.
81. During which administration Mahabalipuram sanctuary was constructed Pallava line
82. Pulakeshin III was the best leader of which – the Chalukyas of Vatapi
83. Ravikirti, who was a Jain and who made the Aihole Tribute, was disparaged by-Pulakeshin II.
84. The renowned Dilwara sanctuaries are situated in Rajasthan
85. Who composed the book ‘Kathasritasagar’ – Somdev 86. Who was the creator of Harsha Charitra –
87. Who fabricated Khajuraho sanctuaries – Chandel Rajput 88. Which Pratihara ruler took the title of verification –
Mihir Bhoja
89. Who was the best lord of Pratihara administration –
Mihir Bhoj
90. What was the name of the Chinese explorer who
came to the court of Harsha Vardhan – Hannsang 91. Who was given the name Pins of Explorers –
92. Who was the contemporary South Indian leader of
Cruel Vardhan – Pulakeshin II
93. The Sanskrit show Nagananda was made by
which ruler – Harshavardhana
94. Nalanda College in India is situated in which
state – Bihar
95. The Muslim intruder who obliterated Nalanda
College was-Muhammad container Bakhtiar
96. Sanchi has extraordinary stupas – in Madhya Pradesh 97. Who is the creator of Geet Govind-Jaidev
98. The sovereign named Didda administered what part of India
till 980-1003 Promotion – Kashmir
99. Name the administrator of the Bedouin armed force who
vanquished Sindh-Muhammad container Qasim 100.Who had crushed Prithviraj in the subsequent fight
of Tarain-Muhammad Ghori
101.Which battle opened Delhi region for Muhammad
Ghori – second skirmish of Tarain
102.When did Delhi King’s standard start – 1206 Promotion 103.Who constructed an over multi day cabin in Amjer –
Qutubuddin Aibak
104.In which century Delhi’s Qutub Minar was fabricated –
thirteenth hundred years
105.Before taking over as the King of Delhi, Balban
was the State head of which Ruler
106.Who was the deliverer of Delhi Sultanak – Iltutmish 107.Genghis Khan attacked the lines of India during
the rule of – Jalaluddin, Iltutmish
108.Who presented the renowned Persian celebration
Nauroz – Balban
109.Whose girl was Razia Ruler – Altamash

110.Who were the two relatives who administered preceding and after the Khilji rulers – Syed and Lodi
111.Sultan to call himself the subsequent Alexander (Alexander-e-Sani) was-Alauddin Khilji
112.What mission did Alauddin Khilji share with the mission of overcoming the south – Malik Kapur
113.Who was the Ruler who wouldn’t acknowledge the power of the Khalifa – Alauddin Khilji
114.The present Daulatabad, where Muhammad-canister Tughlaq moved the capital from Delhi, is arranged close Aurangabad
115.Who is known as the sovereign of Maniyars – Muhammad-receptacle Tughlaq
116.Ibn Batuta came to India under whose rule Muhammad-container Tughlaq
117.Arrange the given lines of Delhi Rulers in sequential request Ghulam, Khilji, Tughlaq, Syed
118.Who was the pioneer behind Lodi administration Bahlol Lodi
119.What was the last line of Delhi Sultanate – Lodi administration
120.In Sufi custom, what does Pir mean-Master of Sufis
121.By what name Sufi orders were known – Continuation
122.The reflection minister Shankaradeva had advocated him utilizing which of the accompanying local dialects – Assamese
123.Analects is the heavenly book – of Confucianism (Confucian religion)
124.Who established the Vijayanagara realm – the Sangam line
125.Who was the principal Vijayanagar ruler to grab the significant post of Goa from Bahmanis – Harihar 11
126.Krishnadeva Raya was the leader of which administration – Vijayanagar
127.Who was the creator of the Telugu work Akshit Malyad – Krishnadeva Raya
128.Akshit Malyad whose work is-Krishnadeva Raya
129.Who constructed the gathering of landmarks of Hampi – 1565 Promotion
130.From which ruler was the Gol Gumbaz built from the marmar-Vithi-Muhammad-canister Tughlaq
131.Where is Gol Gumbaz – Bijapur
132.Who assembled the Kirti Stambh of Chittor – Rana
133.In which year (in Promotion) Babur attacked India – 1526 134.Who was the main Mughal head of India-
135.The first clash of Panipat was battled between
which two armed forces – Babur and Lodi Domain
136.The battle that brought about the groundwork of the Mughal Domain in Delhi – the primary clash of

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