Work Smarter, Not Harder: Techniques to Avoid Burnout

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12th December 2023 | 6 Views

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In today’s world, burnout, depression, and suicide happen much more often than most people realize. Unresolved burnout can cause depression and prolonged depression will become the reason for suicide or at least planning of suicide.


Burnout refers to the state in which an individual feels a negative attitude toward their job and has a negative self-concept.


It may be defined as a state of physical and emotional exhaustion. This symptom shows that an individual’s job expectations are higher than reality. For example, burnout is a symptom that is often seen among individuals who are in the health industry because they want to help everyone and save the world from any kind of disease and death; though not everyone can be saved.


Here are some practical techniques that you can use to prevent yourself from burnout or that you can recommend to someone else who may need this.


  • Monitor yourself – be alert and aware of the changes in your normal habits or body 


  • Communicate – if you catch yourself, withdrawing, force yourself to be outgoing with other people


  • Do not build a prison of loneliness


  • Understand yourself and listen to your inner self


Practical techniques to follow at work:


  • When work becomes a topic for social discussion, learn to discuss it until everyone has had a say.


  • Get further from coworkers.


  • Decide what can be done and then change the subject.


  • Learn to calm your mind and relax. Leave work at work; don’t mix your personal and professional life.


  • Don’t bring unnecessary paperwork home every night and on weekends.


  • Spend time in nature; go to the mountains for a few days every couple of months.


  • Plan a vacation far away from your working area.


  • Take short breaks every couple of hours to “recharge your batteries”.


  • Learn and practice some relaxation techniques to prevent burnout.





earth Angel



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