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Frustration can be overwhelming for anyone irrespective of age. But for a child it can have an everlasting affect which might cripple their thinking process and in handling situations in the long run. There can be many reasons for frustration in a child. For example, not getting what they want can be seen as a common reason. The levels of dealing with frustrations may vary from child to child as they are born with different capabilities. Not all are adaptive to outside environment which triggers unwarranted emotions which when not tugged incapacitate them to progress in life.

So what’s the solution, how can parents help their children to overcome their weakness to fall into the trap of undesirable emotions? First find the source of frustration and try to fix it. Little ones are prone to go haywire when attacked by stressful situations. They are not equipped to grasp the cause of rising feelings so it’s imperative on parents to dig into the elemental cause and find ways to widen their cognition.

When a child is temperamental see to it that you don’t lose your temper. Sit and talk to them. Deal with it in a productive way. Calm them down and you too control yourself, if you are impatient their frustration may escalate. Ask what’s bothering them. Teach them problem solving skills just as you learned through life experiences. Tell them it’s okay to cry as it washes their pent up frustrations and sorrow. Everyone learns through trial and error method, so does your child.

Offlate pressure is building up on children as they are expected to excel in everything. This leads to a chain of negative emotions if not dealt at the grass root level. Make your child do something that is fun and uplifting which helps them negate the spiralling emotions. Don’t pressurise them with your expectations or else they would end up as a failure in their own eyes. These feelings of failure results in the meltdown and mar their future success. They would doubt their own capabilities which debilitate their personalities which no parent would like to see.

Make a list of triggers:

Hunger pangs

Peer pressure or negative influence

Stress to excel in academics

Reaching parents’ expectations


No physical activity

Are some of the triggers but as no two children are same the triggers of frustration vary. Observe what provokes them and initiate a plan to help them conquer their frustrations and anger. Break bigger goals into smaller ones which is manageable according to their age.

 Give them the opportunity to verbalize their emotions instead of suppressing inside that would very possibly burst out one day. Put them in sports, it would help them in disciplining and physical exertion has a positive effect on their emotional state as well. Involve them in their activities like board games which would require skills to manoeuvre their way to win. Continued efforts are needed to evolve their perturbed mind into a peaceful one which enhance their abilities to solve problems on their own. Parents…! children count on you for your support and guidance so it’s your responsibility to help them master skills to tackle every obstacle.        


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