Isekai by mistake: now i’m a simple maid

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Milyin » 488418 » Isekai by mistake: now i’m a simple maid

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Lights, cosmos, stars, a magical circle with a big upward arrow of light bursts, revealing a room surrounded by ancient pillars. In the center, the protagonist makes an epic appearance as Sailor Moon.

  • “WHOOSH WHOOSH. Is this possible?… I’ve been summoned to a world of magic and swords? Finally, my life will make sense and allow me to become a legend, wiping out all the evils of…”
  • Ahem… sorry, it was a mistake. – interrupts a somewhat dirty and humble-looking young man.
  • Eh ._.
  • No, I didn’t mean to summon you; it was a mistake… I was just cleaning… –
  • No mistake, this is fate in action!! A powerful evil force must be lurking in this poor world, and I’ve come to save it.
  • Uh… well… technically, that was last week.
  • o.o
  • Yes, the hero already defeated the evil, freed the villages, created a democratic empire where everyone can have a future, and returned to his world.
  • But, but… maybe the evil still exists, hiding in the shadows! And I’ve been summoned to…
  • No, it was a mistake. I’m the janitor, I clean magic circles.
  • I was summoned by a janitor? – looks at him with disappointment.
  • I think you deserve an explanation… you see, in this world, we all have mana… these circles are sensitive to mana… the more mana you have, the more powerful the summoning. For the last hero, it took four great mages with a total of 9001 mana points… The problem is when it comes to erasing the circle; no one can get close, or they would be summoning creatures and heroes uncontrollably… so they call people like me to clean them up. Our mana is minimal; mine barely reaches 11… look over there – on the side, there’s a bunch of slimes, random objects, and tiny creatures in cat cages – even with me, the circles activate, and I end up summoning these creatures. They’re not bad, just quite territorial, so I keep them in a cage and then release them into nature. – performs a magical gesture, and a cage appears as tall as the protagonist.
  • NO!! I’M NOT A WILD CREATURE… huuuuu T.T noooo, it can’t be… are you telling me I’m on the level of a slime?
  • Actually, a little less; my mana was pretty depleted with them… before you, these shoes appeared. – shows his feet with elegant shoes.
  • WHAAAAT…- cries at the janitor’s feet.
  • At least these shoes are magical… in you, I can’t sense even a hint of mana…
  • … wait… maybe this is one of those stories where the protagonist has no powers and has to grow using her physical and mental strength in an uneven world!!
  • Hmmm… and how good are you physically?
  • CAN’T YOU SEE! I’m like a 10 – strikes a femme fatale pose.
  • Ha! You wouldn’t even clean my wife’s shoes… and she’s an average ogre. – shows a picture of a sensual, muscular, and super sexy ogre.
  • Oh dear… T.T – falls crying at the janitor’s feet – can’t you send me back home? At least there, I was competing for dominance of my room with cockroaches and i was winning… i think… T.T
  • Unfortunately, the circle is almost erased; to do a reverse circle, a lot of preparation is needed, and it’s very costly in gold and mana… well, maybe in your case, the mana payment isn’t a problem… but you’ll have to earn the gold.
  • But you summoned me; I’m like a daughter, you have to take care of your daughters!!
  • Don’t look at me; I already have daughters to take care of, and I can barely afford their food.
  • What would your wife say if she found out you were summoning sexy women from other worlds? – looks at him with narrowed eyes and in a harsh tone.
  • But what… you just arrived, and you’re already trying to extort me?
  • Put yourself in my shoes.
  • I prefer mine; they’re magical.
  • I mean, have a little pity…
  • Look, if you want, you can help me clean circles; they pay well, and with your lack of mana, you’d save me all the expenses on cages and slime repellent.
  • Well… if there’s no other choice… -_-
  • Well then… let’s get started – hands her a broom and a dustpan – clean up the rest of this mess that brought you to life 
  • looking at the circle with sadness and nostalgia – … Mom? –
  • Have a bit of dignity; it’s just chalk.
Emmanuel RubioLast Seen: Dec 17, 2023 @ 4:42pm 16DecUTC

Emmanuel Rubio



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