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Empirical tips for recovering from anxiety disorder

10th December 2023 | 4 Views

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Empirical tips for recovering from anxiety disorder

The best mindset to recover from anxiety

A strong and gentle, not taking unnecessary thoughts and not caring about unnecessary thoughts mind set

The anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder is a type of neurological condition which is often caused by constant failure in life and worries, nostalgia, work load.

That is,  the anxiety disorder is caused by stress.

 How to find out if someone has an anxiety disorder

1.  They want to finish immediately what they have started and they do the same thing over and over again i.e. they check the house several times to see if they have locked the house.  They will check several times to see if the light bulb has been turned off at home.

2.  There is a slight nervousness in their speech i.e. what they can speak slowly they speak quickly with nervousness. Sometimes they get irritated and angry unnecessarily. They cannot hear loud noises. They often get headaches.

3.  They do not talk normally with others and feel that they have priority when talking. People with this disease are also seen as intelligent due to the overactivity of the brain. Some people with this disease are always happy and cheerful. They laugh a lot even at small things. Some people know very well that the heartbeat is beating in the head and there are those who do not sleep at night and instead sleep in the morning. Some people urinate frequently. It is good to know if the people who have the above characteristics are affected by this disease.

Disease Factors

        This anxiety disorder can affect people of all ages except children.  It mostly starts affecting people aged 16-55 years. The workload , too much reading, too much thinking can cause this disease and extreme frustration of unemployment and disability can also cause this disease. Alcohol drinking can also cause this disease.

          It is very easy to overcome it. If people with anxiety disorder worry more about it, the disease will worsen.

          You can get rid of this disease easily if you leave all the worries and follow some steps.  We will discuss them in detail in this article

*Now the most important thing to say is that if we keep the state of knowledge (or mindset) (the part that makes judgments and makes decisions, felt in the inner part of the forehead) in this way, we can easily come out of anxiety*.


1.    To keep the state of knowledge the same in all situations. Even though the brain gives a lot of thoughts, it is the same for all thoughts, not caring about them, not thinking about them.


2.     A strong , gentle, and a state of mindset that does not take unnecessary thoughts and is uncaring about unnecessary thoughts .

3.     You should take the state of ‘I’ in your mindset but not be egoistic and be don’t care about unnecessary thoughts and keep gentleness in mind set.This will increase your personality.When personality is increased you will easily overcome anxiety disorder.for take ‘I’ mindset don’t say I…I…I in you . just take I in your mindset.

4.     Always have a constant state of mindset, that is a constant state of mindset, must have a good personality and always maintain your normal state of mindset and never leave this your normal state of  mindset for unnecessary thoughts and things .

           Through these mindsets we can live our life smoothly. and we can live a peaceful life.and through this mindsets we can handle anxiety disorder easily.


Any one of these four mindsets will surely benefit  me. *If these four mindsets don’t work for you, you can enhance your personality.  Your personality is to live in your natural state without worrying about any unnecessary thoughts *.

  Empirical facts for overcoming anxiety disorders.

✓ People with anxiety disorder should practice patience and gentleness in their mindset. People with anxiety disorder forget patience and gentleness. There is a sense of urgency in their work..

  Therefore, maintaining the same patience and gentleness as before can prevent the formation of excessive thoughts and further increase of this anxiety disorder.

✓ To get out of anxiety disorder first you need to do an action that integrates mind and body. This action should be done at your will. This action should not be an action that increases anxiety.  This action should be an activity that gives you mental satisfaction, peace of mind and happiness.For example, fishing, writing poetry, essay writing, planting plants, picking fruits and vegetables from the garden, cooking favorite food.  Or do the work you are already doing willingly, mind and body in harmony.

        When mind and body work together,                                concentration increases.Thus we can prevent too many thoughts from arising.We can reduce too many thoughts from arising not only by doing small tasks but also by playing games .

         For example, games that increase attention such as net practice cricket, chess game, etc.Or playing with a small ball on the wall of your house or on the terrace, that game should be an activity that gives you attention and joy.

          While hitting the ball carefully in cricket net practice and throwing the ball carefully to the batsman, our brain is attentive. Similarly, while playing chess, the brain does not lose its attention.Keep  attention on the chess pieces and don’t get distracted.Sometimes the focus gets distracted, but the focus should be on the game.

           Also, candy crush and puzzle games played on mobiles are games that can give attention. Don’t get addicted to these kinds of mobile games. Play for a while and put down your phone. That is good .

*The attention means that if we observe with the intention of observing, attention does not come.  Attention comes only when we forget the self and are fully engaged in it*.

  ✓Activities like going to favorite places and talking to favorite people bring a sense of can help to reduce anxiety.

After doing these activities you can do yoga. While doing yoga, it is necessary to take the breath in slowly and slowly release it. Doing this gives peace to the mind and good strength to the body.

✓ It is better if people with this anxiety disorder get better simply by doing these  actions and if it doesn’t get better then it is better to consult a good doctor and take pills.Even after taking the pills, it is better to continue with the exercises and activities that you were doing before .

      It is wrong to accustom the body to pills and medicines. It is better to accustom the body to live as a normal human being. Remember that if you accustom the body to pills, it will create a state where you cannot live without pills. So, you should not keep taking pills for a long time.

✓ Sleep is very important to recover from anxiety disorder.  You must have a good sleep. You have to be physically fatigued to get sleep.  To get tired you should do more physical activity like shoveling grass, chopping wood or exercising or playing games.Also don’t sleep during the day.

       Also avoid too much mobile and TV watching at night.Don’t think too much at night.If you follow these things you will get good sleep. If you do not get sleep after following these, it is better to consult a doctor.

✓Belief is also necessary for us to succeed in something.Belief should be there but not expectation.Keep faith that we will get better anyway, keep your requests and prayers to your favorite god and keep doing what you need to do to come out of this disease.

       I put my requests to Jesus and praise him daily and say that I command the bad disease in my body, the bad satan, to go away in the name of God. By doing this, my illnesses did not completely leave me, but I did it with hope and without expectation.some times I was also reading Bible verses.  I needed comfort and I found that comfort in devotion to God.  And I found a kind of relief in that, so I did this.


         Apart from this, I was doing the work and exercises that I needed to do to get out of this disease and I was also taking the necessary vitamin tablets.

          I got good results. Many difficult things in me changed.  There is more to change but I am hopeful.

✓ It is better for people with this anxiety disorder to talk with friends and walk in a quiet place where there is a good breeze. Because when we talk with friends and walk, we forget our worries and when a good breeze blows, it gives us a good mood.

✓If listening to your favorite song, watching your favorite TV show and doing your favorite things brings you mental happiness, spend some time in your life for that.  It provides good mental relaxation and helps in getting rid of anxiety disorder

✓ People who have suffered from this disease tend to stay away from society, otherwise we should try to be with society.  So we should try to do all the things that our fellow human beings do normally.  If you fail in the attempt, you should take a break for a few days and start trying again.  You can become a fellow human being by doing this and get rid of the disease.

✓ People under 18 years of age should not read this. If you are a male reading this, if you have immediate anxiety disorder, if you are having suicidal thoughts, if you are feeling hopeless, then ejaculate your sperm in a  private place. Do not ejaculate for a long time.

” You can do this for therapy and not for lust”.When you do this, there will be a relaxation in the brain. If you do this at night when you have too many thoughts and you are not able to sleep, then you will feel sleepy. But do not become addicted to this action.*If you continue to do this, the nerves become weak and there is a possibility of nervous breakdown. There is also a possibility of impotence*.so it is wrong to become addicted to one thing in order to be free from another.*Keep in mind that if you do this only as a therapy you will not become an addict but if you continue to do it for your lust you will suffer as an addict*.And if you have a habit of drinking it is better to give it up because drinking increases the activity of the brain and therefore increases the number of thoughts and increases anxiety.

✓Have faith in what you do but don’t expect it. When the expectations are disappointments we get stressed .Try to approach everything without stress. Body is our tool that we use to live.  We do all our activities with it. Body is more necessary than money and material to live in this world.Not only the body but also the mind should be kept healthy

Distresses faced by people with anxiety disorder and their solutions.

       People with anxiety disorder cannot listen to loud noises.Can’t stand in loud places because it can cause headache.  Also there will be uneven vision.There will be no proper sleep.Some will have to urinate more often.Can’t do any of the previous activities properly.Can’t study properly.Can’t do any work with attention.


       We can’t do all the things other people do.For example, we can’t go to the theater because of a headache.  Can’t attend a function.Can’t study properly.Can’t do any work with attention.We can’t do all the things that other people do.For example, we can’t go to the theater because of headache.  Can’t attend a function. 


        People with this disease have trouble staying at their native’s house. Sometimes the mouth can’t speak properly.Sometimes these people’s hands tremble. 


         Sometimes unwanted thoughts keep forming repeatedly in the brain.Some unspeakable mental disorders will also come due to this and you will have to face a lot of problems like this.

   Headache and frequent urination, difficulty hearing noise, lack of sleep and mental disorders related to anxiety disorders are caused by overactive brain. To get rid of all these, you just need to follow the above in this article in your life.

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