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The Falling Tower

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9th December 2023 | 3 Views
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In the sweet heart of Greywoods, rose the bright savvy sun as I woke up knowing today was our annual family trip day. I’m Cherry James and am 17 years from Greywoods a popular city in Vanilla Town. The James’ family always have a yearly tradition of going on a vacation to new places but I bet this year won’t be the same since we lost Dad. My Mom, I , Edward and of cause Nelly our dog how could I have forgotten, we were set to leave for town to the amazing Cave-Peak Tower known as the falling Tower which has said to be leaning for over a century, I bet the architectural works was really good. Although we were excited to leave home again I wasn’t just fine and okay I miss dad he was the only friend I had, Mum was always busy with work and Edward so this year wasn’t the same as other years.

Wow, on getting to the site of the Tower I stood thrilled and amazed seeing an old leaning Tower with garden of roses around it with a pool by the side, it was a different site out of what I saw on the internet, seeing the roses reminded me of dad’s funeral and I leaned forward to pick up one but was stopped by mum who called so I come pack our things inside. Then I knew it was a popular tourist attractions but then was thinking how are we gonna sleep inside a leaning Tower what if it finally decided to fall but the was broke out by some laughter in the hallway, then I knew I said my thoughts aloud. We packed up our stuff, went down ate lunch which I quickly did and left for a walk with Nelly around the pool and came back before night Fall. 

It was almost Dawn I sat by the window watching the stars light up the dark cold night, when I heard my Mum call out to me and then Walked Towards me and smiled, she understood that I missed him much know this was the last thing I and dad did before he died, She patted my back as tears rolled down my eyes, ever since I was nine I always watched the stars with Dad. Just then a shooting star flew across the sky and Mum told me to make a wish, I quickly wished to see Father one last times even if I didn’t believe in wishes. Wild winds and dry leaves rustling swiftly after the wish but then there came a great silence and a star fell into the pool, without hesitation I ran out of the room leaving Mum behind as I flew down the stairs to the pool, on reacting the pool it was dad, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I rushed and hugged him, he caught me warmly and spread his arms around me giving me a kiss on my head. Mum stood in front of us in awe and Dad lifted his face seeing her he quickly went closer and held her hand as the kissed her. He turned towards me and said I have been waiting here for you, I may have left but I am always with you, you don’t need to put away all. I still remember every promise you made to me and I want you to fulfill them all because am watching you. Don’t be cut down for you won’t fall, Cherry James raise your voice, put on your armour and break your walls, your stronger than you think my boy it may have been 3 months since I left but then your bulletproof and you have nothing to loose. Look Cherry your are before the great Falling Tower he said as I saw that he was beginning to fade away, Cheery these Tower is a beacon of inspiration, hope and strength even if you face destruction there’s opportunity for renewal, revival and growth. I know no one can fill my space in your heart but will you let yourself fall to the ground because I left or you will take your stand for you are the Falling Tower Cherry. I cried for those where his words before he vanished before me, Mum held me as we went up back to our room then I knew that I was the Falling Tower not he bluiding so I decided to pave way to make great impact.

@Evidence Joshua 

Evidence OwhondaLast Seen: Dec 9, 2023 @ 1:07am 1DecUTC

Evidence Owhonda



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