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Living longer lifespan

Shivakumar Arudi nanjundaiahLast Seen: Dec 18, 2023 @ 5:49pm 17DecUTC
Shivakumar Arudi nanjundaiah

10th December 2023 | 5 Views
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Everyone in this world live and die .. .. 

        Well my co-passengers in the journey of life let’s know why we live and die. There are many spiritual thing’s which makes us think why we were born and what motto we have in life and why we die… 

     Among these things in ancient days people came to conclusion that we are born for a particular reason and we have to conquer that achievement and to accomplish it we should live our life but what if we die without accomplishing your achievement and die sooner. Everyone knew death was uncertain and after death is unknown. So whatever we have to do we have to live. 

    Now comes how long do we have to live and how can we know the life span. Then came the idea of measuring life span. Great thinkers from long time failed to know lifespan of particular person. Some live twenty years some thirty some hundred and some above hundred. Finally they wanted to discover how to live longer. So they went to route cause of a person living, they came to know anyone breathe live. So we breathe we live and once we don’t breathe we die for all normal living beings. Now they know the trick we should do something around on our breathing to live. Upon study observation many processes it was found only the measure of life span happen with number of breathe we have in life. But nobody knew how many breathe I can intake in my lifetime. Uncertainty again, then finally they worked out we don’t know how many breathe for a particular person we have. But whatever number is there we have to live it. There comes the logic for example if A has one crores breathe how long can he leave, he can live only to one crore breathe, only thing that can be altered was time. He can live that  one crore breathe in one year or one and half year by controlled breathing.They observed controlled breath taking animal like Tortoise live longer life where as dogs and other animals die faster due to faster breathing in lesser time. 

    Then the idea of breathing slower started. And they also knew if we get angry we breathe faster. So our mind should remain calm always. So came meditation and breathe exercises like yoga in INDIA . So by doing meditation and yoga one can increase there life span by keeping calmness in mind and breathing slowly. 

     Now many people know why some yogis here live more than hundred of years and still the state of mind of these are normal and they are more powerful. 

      So someone has to live longer life only by controlled breathing and anyone in this world can know it and start to practice it. But only through guidance and practices anyone can live longer life. 

Live happily and u should decide your lifespan. 


Shivakumar Arudi nanjundaiahLast Seen: Dec 18, 2023 @ 5:49pm 17DecUTC

Shivakumar Arudi nanjundaiah



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