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Planning a US Road Trip: Van Rental Tips for Young Drivers

7th December 2023 | 10 Views

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A road trip across the USA should be on the bucket list of any traveler worth their salt. For real! This epic journey through the different landscapes and scenery is to die for. The beaches dotting the coastlines and the pristine waters playfully hugging them are just a beauty to behold. The flora and fauna in award-winning National Parks and Zoos will take your breath away.

But before you hit the road to enjoy all these, a lot has to go into planning to make the road trip a success and one you will live to remember for a long time. As you go about mapping out your perfect road trip itinerary, one major factor you will need to plan for well is your means of transportation. With cars being the most ideal, you will have to make arrangements well in advance and according to your preferences and the number of people you are bringing along for the trip, get yourself the most suitable one.

For group road trips, vans are ideal thanks to the several benefits they come with, especially on seating and cargo space. So if you are planning to bring along friends or family for the road trip they will be your best bet. However, renting a van as a young driver in the USA just like other countries can be quite challenging. But it shouldn’t be and that is why this article shares a few tips for your consideration to ensure the process is smooth, successful, and without much hustle.

Van rental tips for young drivers in the USA

For drivers below the age of 25, renting a van in the USA will see you pay an extra fee referred to as a young driver’s fee. Based on your age, car rental companies find you inexperienced behind the wheel and charge this extra fee to cover potential damages to the car, a fee they roll down to you from the higher insurance costs they are charged when hiring out cars to young drivers.

Car rental age varies from one rental company to the other and even from one state to the other. Michigan and New York allow the lowest ages making them the most ideal for car rental for young drivers. NYC car rentals will rent a van to you as long as you are above 18, the same as their counterparts in Michigan. Most of the other states will require you to be at least 20 to rent a van.

For all your van rental needs visit The site helps you compare rental prices from all major rental companies to get the most suitable one for you. You will also get answers to car rental questions like how old to rent a car New York from Alamo or Hertz and also compare their different rental policies. Visit the site and get yourself the best car rental deals anywhere. With all these in mind, let’s now discuss tips to help you go about the renting process seamlessly to ensure you have a good time on the road.

Know the size of the van you require

Vans come in different sizes. Based on the number of people you are bringing along for the trip and the amount of cargo expected, you should know the size that will be ideal for you. You don’t want to get a small van and spend the trip cramped with your luggage or get a big van with more space than you require and end up paying for space you don’t need.

Compare van rental prices from at least three companies

To get the best deal you will have to compare rental prices including the young driver’s fee from at least three van rental companies to get the most suitable one for you. Ensure the prices you are comparing are all-inclusive. Some prices posted online sometimes don’t include all the rental costs. 

Check the fuel and mileage policy

Confirm the fuel and mileage policies to make sure they don’t disadvantage you. Some companies will charge you for a full tank even if you have not exhausted the fuel. The best option is the full to full policy where you take the van with a full tank and bring it back with a full tank. You should also choose a company with no mileage limitations and avoid being lured by low initial rental costs which will only rise sharply when hidden extra mileage fees are included.

Avoid add-ons

The attendant at the car rental desk will most likely try to sell you additional stuff like GPS and upsell your insurance. Add-ons are paid for daily and will significantly increase your rental cost. For GPS, you can use your phone as an alternative. On insurance, if you are paying using your credit, most credit cards cover rental car insurance. Confirm with your credit card provider to avoid paying double.

Check the vehicle carefully before driving away 

Check the car for any dents or scratches both on the inside and outside. This will help you avoid incurring extra charges from damages you know nothing about when you finally return the van. Some of these might have escaped the eye of the car inspector during drop-off by the previous user. You can even take photographs to show the vehicle inspector.


It is very much possible for young drivers to rent a van, although rental companies have a van rental age restriction mostly capped at 25, and drivers below this age have to part with an extra charge before they can rent one. This is because according to statistics, young drivers are more likely to get involved in accidents adding the insurance costs for cars rented to them. 

When renting a van, it is wise to ensure you compare the rental costs from several rental companies to ensure you get the best deal. Make sure you also compare the young driver’s fee. In case you breakdown in a rented car do not panic. Call the roadside assistance number given to you by the rental company and wait for help. You can also call the police to feel more safe.

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