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Ever Thought What Complements Red Wine!

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Ordering red wine! but with the wrong kind of food in a restaurant, ah! the people will watch you as if you are naive, why so? It’s because having food that doesn’t complement a glass of wine doesn’t make sense, basically old-fashioned. Though people can eat whatever they want and drink what they feel like, there are a few tips that can help you choose the correct wine with your meal.

Red Wine

Wine is said to enhance the flavor of food. A good match can enrich the flavors and unique characteristics of both the food and the wine.

Red wine is usually not paired with foods such as sweets, strong cheeses, raw vegetables, or fish but there are exceptions. It can be well accompanied by foods such as Italian tomato-based dishes, red meat, and Greek foods.

There are a few factors that need to be considered, ya! I know it sounds like some health benefit or so…but no it’s just to give you a mind-blowing taste of your favorite wine.

The important traits used for matching wine with food are as follows:

  • Acidity: The sourness of a food or beverage. Preferably go for wine that is more acidic than the food item.
  • Weight or Body: The feel and strength of a food or beverage. Make sure that the wine and food have the same density.  
  • Flavor or Complexity: The combined taste and aroma of a food or beverage. If the wine is sweet better to pair it with spicy dishes.

Choosing the right wines to match each of the foods can sometimes be a difficult task.

Here you go! Some of the combinations of food and Red wine that complement each other:

  • ·         Merlot complements lamb, Italian meat sauces, pork, beef, turkey, roast chicken, hearty cheeses and tuna.
  • ·         Zinfandel goes well with spicy sausage, blackened, fish hamburgers, pastas, pizza, ribs.
  • ·         Shiraz can be served with braised chicken, barbecued meat, chili, goose, peppercorn steak, spicy meats, meat stew, garlic casserole, ratatouille, and hard cheese with good acidity.
  • ·         Grenache it’s pairing with Mexican food is one of the best. People love with dishes with a lot of herbs and less spices.
  • ·         Cabernet Sauvignon complements juicy steak, roast, prime rib, full-bodied flavored foods, game meats, and burgers.
  • ·         Barbera undoubtedly goes with Italian dishes, be it meat feast pizza or meaty bolognese.
  • ·         Amarone is served with meaty pasta dishes and strong cheeses.
  • ·         Pinot Noir is a versatile vino, served best with ham, duck, turkey, grilled red meats, roast chicken, pork, game birds, grilled salmon, and just about anything.
  • ·         Sangiovese pairs with a wide range of fowl, meat, herby chicken, and tomato pasta dishes.
  • ·         Melbec can go with any rich meaty dishes, grilled steak, lean meat, or burgers.
  • ·         Gamay  a light tannin wine goes superbly with roasted turkey, salmon tacos, cranberry sauce, or crispy roast duck.
  • ·         Nebbiolo has good acidity and intense tannin so it goes best with creamy dishes, cheese, and wild mushroom risotto.
  • ·         Mourvedre this full-bodied wine goes well with roasted leg of lamb, venison, and boneless short ribs.

 I know, I have not covered all, but tried my best to cover the maximum.

Do let me know your views and all white wine lovers wait for the next!


Mona AgarwalLast Seen: Jan 17, 2024 @ 7:47am 7JanUTC

Mona Agarwal



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